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Did Our Grandparents Have It Easier When Raising Kids?

Raising kids is no walk in the park. With continual peer pressure to buy the latest iPad, TV advertisements telling our kids they must have the latest toy and skyrocketing prices for pretty much everything, it’s darn hard work! Surely back in the ‘olden days’ our grandparents had it much easier when raising kids?

Let’s take a walk back to the good old days and find out … What Was It Like Raising Kids Between 1950-2000? Parents in the 1950s were almost always a married couple.

They expected kids would obey them unquestioningly and never asked for their child’s opinion. Gifts and belongings were not given often to kids. So, when you received something, you took mighty good care of it. If it broke, you found a way to fix it, instead of throwing it out.

Dad went out to work, while Mum stayed home and looked after the kids and house. She didn’t help you with your homework though, as it was expected you did it on your own. Parents also spent a lot of time paying attention to each other, to the point where kids were often left alone to their own devices far more frequently.

Then we reach the 1970s and the arrival of more child centred activities. But parents still had to battle with two-foot cords attached to their rotary dial phones, car seats which functioned as highchairs and the introduction of pre-packaged ‘instant’ food.

On the flip side though, parents could go tell their kids to play outside or at the park without having to go with them. Sun screen wasn’t an issue and antibacterial soap wasn’t around at all. The 1990s seemed a walk in the park for parents. Kids spent hours feeding their Tamagotchi and watching Full House on TV.

They read Goosebumps books and woke their parents when they had nightmares because of the story plots. Kids also bugged their parents until they got the latest Backstreet Boys cassette tape!

Is It Harder to Raise Our Children Nowadays Than in the Past? 

When it comes to raising our kids today, is it any harder or is it easier?

We think it is about the same as it would have been for our grandparents because:

  • Babies still wake during the night
  • Kids still refuse to eat their vegetables
  • Parents are still completely exhausted
  • Parents still need to work and pay the bills

While the way we parent has changed, as have the tools we use to do so, one thing remains constant. Being a parent is darn hard work! If you want some company why not join some other mums on their journey.

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Do you think its harder being a mum today than in your parents generation?

I would love to hear your comments.

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