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Banz Carewear Earmuff Review

I was lucky enough to be given a set of Baby Banz earmuffs from the lovely Andrea at Baby Banz Carewear NZ for Samuel to review.

His favourite colour is blue, so naturally that was his first pick.

They arrived quickly and Samuel was dying to get them on, despite the fact that we weren't in a noisy environment!

He absolutely loved them, and if you follow me on Insta Stories you will often see Samuel wearing his beloved earmuffs. We haven't had a chance to test them yet in a very noisy environment, but because he is quite sensitive to noise I know they are going to come in very handy soon.

I can certainly vouch for their effectiveness. At the Auckland Baby Show this year we were quite close to the entertainment area. At some point someone got carried away with the volume control and we were subjected to an ear splitting performance for about 10 minutes.

It was enough to make me grab the sample set of kids earmuffs and put them on, and believe me it was total bliss to be able to hear myself think. I was really surprised that the kids 2-10 years fitted me, so this is a good indication of their generous sizing.

So, at the end of my period reviewing the earmuffs I can very happily report we loved them; in fact we loved them so much we decided to stock them and the Baby Banz sunglasses.

As you know I am very fussy about the products I choose to represent and sell. I like to quality check them myself and try them out where-ever possible.

I am aware there are a lot of 'knock offs', and to me safety is absolute paramount, so I want to represent a product that is very reliable and has proven safety standards behind them.

I love the fact that they meet international standards as a Class 4 earmuff (that's just one grade less than industrial-strength earmuffs) and that they're sound-dampening earmuffs, so that for safety children can still hear what's being said around them.

I also like the super comfy fit. The colours and designs are on trend making your child look pretty darn cool!

A lot of my customers are speedway fans, or farmers wanting them for their kids. But I have also had customers purchase them for their children for overseas flights as like Samuel their children's hearing is quite sensitive. Whatever your reason I know you are going to love these products.

The price is great too. If you look at our bundle deals for little ones you can save up to $26!

This is my wee guy Samuel, one afternoon when he wasn't feeling the best. He didn't want to have any noise around him and wanted his earmuffs on.

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