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7 Reasons Why Routines Are Important to Kids

Each morning we get up, have breakfast and get dressed. Just like they are for us, routines are important to kids too. Some parents worry that having too many routines will stifle our children. Others will stick to the day’s timetable like their life depended on it. Is it true that routines are important to kids, or can we relax and go with the flow?

Let’s explore … 7 Reasons Why Routines Are Important to Kids Do you remember the strict timetables we had at school?

First period was science, next was maths and morning tea was only from 10:40-11am. At home, you might also have had plenty of before and after school routines too, or you may have had none. Now that you’re a parent, should you be setting routines for your child to follow?

Yes, and here are seven reasons why routines are important to kids:

  1. Increased co-operation – we’ve all had our children refuse to do something. But did you realise that by having a timetable or list of things to do in place, they’re more likely to co-operate?
  2. Improved sleep – by having a schedule, especially around bedtime, children are more likely to go to sleep quicker and for longer.
  3. Consistent expectations – by keeping things the same, our kids know that what is expected of them remains the same. They’re less likely to act out and do their tasks without fuss.
  4. Bonds your family – by doing something together often, you are strengthening your family’s beliefs, values and interests. Our children learn what’s important to the family and you all grow closer together.
  5. Build confidence – if your kids can predict what’s coming next, they are able to step up with confidence. By knowing what they are expected to do, they are even prouder of their achievements.
  6. Plan ahead and build excitement – by knowing what is coming up, our children are able to plan for the activity and look forward to it. It also helps with building their understanding of time too.
  7. Provides stability – surprises, both good and bad, happen. By having a steady schedule in place, when things do change, our kids are better able to cope. They’ll retain a sense of security and the routines provide normality too. A bedtime toy can also help provide that much needed security.

    Now you know routines are important to kids, how can you create ones which will work in your family? We’d love to know your tips, so pop them below or head to our Facebook group to share them with us!

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