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Safe Sleep

As parents, we do what we can to ensure the safest and soundest sleep for our little ones. Now we can do a little more with Sleepytot’s safe sleep collection, offering baby pillows, sleep wraps and sleeping bags, pram covers and blackout blinds. With all the tried and parent-tested products to help get your youngest to sleep and keep them safe throughout the night, you can rest easy and unwind knowing they are surrounded by products that other parents have recommended.

Keep a careful eye and ear on your children throughout the night with useful baby monitors. Whisbear’s E-zzy The Sloth 3-in-1 Baby Monitoris a sleep soother, baby monitor and parent’s assistant which can be controlled from a smartphone for ease of use. Oricom’s digital video baby monitor offers a 4.3” screen and comes with a room temperature sensor, multi-camera capability and parents’ talk back so your baby can hear your voice from anywhere. Ooly is the colourful sleep aid that helps your child understand when it’s time to get up with its sleep trainer clock, night light and toilet training lantern. Or choose Sleepytot’s Ultimate Sleep Aid that gets little ones and adults to sleep using pink noise, aromatherapy and colour therapy.

Take a look at our other safe sleep products such as swaddles, orthopaedic pillows and head wedges, cot liners, portable baby rockers and more. Babies can’t communicate if they are uncomfortable or in pain. Instead they toss and turn, become irritable and lose sleep. With sleep safe products from Sleepytot, help your baby sleep better and safer than ever.