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A Parent’s Guide to Types of Baby Bibs


It’s going to get messy, so it helps to know which baby bibs are best for specific situations, and today, we’re sharing it all with you!

Never underestimate the peace of mind you’ll have when using baby bibs! Food, drool and milk spills are always going to happen, though thankfully you rely upon these clever inventions to keep their baby relatively clean.

But like with almost everything, there are great bib styles and the not-so-great styles. This leads to the question; which types of baby bibs should I use?

Choosing Between Different Types of Baby Bibs 

Remember the bibs way back from your childhood? Well, probably not, but those terrycloth plastic coated ones are most likely to still be around somewhere. However, they’re no longer the only option when it comes to baby bib styles.

Today you’ll have plenty of choice in baby bibs when it comes to colours, function, materials and styles.

  • Silicone scoop bibs – also known as catch-all bibs, these predominately feeding bibs are made with a 100% food-safe silicon and have a catcher at the bottom for those little spills. Ideal for messy eaters, some like our Hungry Ruru Spice it Up Silicon Bibs are even dishwasher friendly. They are not warm and cosy around the neck though, which some older babies and toddlers prefer.
  • Bandana bibs – ideal for drooly babies and toddlers, a bandana bib has two layers for extra absorption. This together with their large design shape and circumference make it ideal during teething or colicky babies. They can be used for feeding, but may not provide a large enough catchment area. We love our Bibado Double Dribble Bibs because they both look amazing and are highly practical.
  • Sleeved bibs – now we’re into the perfect bib for the messy baby from six months up to two years. Made from waterproof fabric, a sleeved bib has a dome at the neck and elastic at the wrists to keep your baby’s clothes clean and dry. Even better, once they’ve finished eating, just pop it in the washing machine – the bib, not your baby! We are fans of our Petite Eats Sleeved Coverall Bibs for their protective clothing properties, and theBibado Highchair Coverall Bib with Sleeves for not only keeping clothes clean and dry, but highchairs too! Sleeved bibs can be hot and sweaty to wear for long periods, which is why they are really only suitable when feeding.

Don’t forget about the traditional cotton and towelling bibs. They are also handy to have around as a backup. 


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