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Caring for Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

How are you caring for your mental health during pregnancy? We share some positive ways you can help yourself feel great before and after your baby’s arrival.

Has anyone ever asked you how you have been caring for your mental health during pregnancy? Pregnancy brings with it a ton of new emotions, feelings, thoughts and body changes. It is so important that as mums-to-be we not only care for our growing babies, but also our mental health.

How to Care for Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

Perinatal anxiety and depression, along with other mental health conditions can all appear suddenly and without warning during and after pregnancy. The arrival of these conditions can easily go unnoticed by both medical staff and new mums, resulting in awful experiences during what should be a time of joy. You can learn more about these conditions on the Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa website.

It is vital that you do some regular check-ins on your mental health throughout pregnancy and once baby arrives. We also recommend that you share this article with your partner or close friends so they are aware of things too. Of course, if you do notice anything new or unusual regarding how you are feeling, please tell your midwife or other health professional so they can put plans in place to help you.

As for self-help when it comes to caring for your mental health during pregnancy, try a few of these suggestions:

  • Create a support network whom you can turn to in tough times and who will regularly check up on you
  • Get some exercise every day, even if it is just walking up and down the road or around your garden
  • Make healthy food choices where you can and drink lots of water
  • Forget the housework and have a nap instead – it is vital you take time for breaks and sleep when you can
  • Accept the help of others when they offer, such as looking after baby while you sleep or delivering home cooked meals
  • Meet up with friends for a coffee or even a chat on the phone or using Zoom
  • Talk to someone when you feel things deteriorating are sad, angry or even indifferent
  • Join a mums and bubs club or antenatal class

You could also try using essential oils such as the Pick-Me-Up-Potion or Stress Less Organic Oil. Our article Guide to Surviving the First Few Weeks with Your New Baby is packed with helpful advice and our Sleepytot Facebook Group always has some friendly ears. I’m also happy for you to get in touch and I’ll do my best to help.



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