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    BiBaDo - Double Dribble The Ultimate Neckerchief Bib (SALE)

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    The Double Dribble bib is the only neckerchief dribble bib that will last all day, looking great…because bibs have to handle more than just dribble!

    Our super absorbent fabric and multiple layers mean this dribble bib will keep your little one dry under their chin, helping to reduce nasty rashes too!


    Double Dribble Bib Specification

    Your Double Dribble bib has two hidden towelling layers which let you wipe away the mess while keeping both the front and back looking great! The separation of the layers also stops even the heaviest of droolers from soaking through!

    The Double Dribble bib was designed after my niece - a serious drooler - was constantly red and sore around her mouth and under her chin from the constant dampness and wiping. I wanted to create a dribble bib which would keep her dry all day, stopping her skin from becoming irritated - which is exactly what we've been able to achieve! It also means her mum (my sister) doesn't have to take half a dozen dribble bibs with her each time she leaves the house which is a huge bonus!

    Double Dribble Bib Features

    • 2 hidden wiping layers
    • Super absorbent bamboo fabric
    • Reversible
    • Fastens with poppers, adjustable from birth to 2 years
    • Bamboo fabric is also hypo-allergenic, eco friendly and has naturally anti-bacterial properties!!
    • Safety tested to the highest international standards
    • Unisex design by Jenny Kate

    Composition and care of your Double Dribble bib

    • Machine wash at 40
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Bamboo fabric: 95% bamboo, 5% spandex
    • Colours: navy and white