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Top 25 Baby Bonding Suggestions for Dads

Society tells us that baby bonding is all about Mum and baby. But hey, what about Dads?

After all, it took two to tango and Dads are a very important person in a baby’s life too. Fathers generally find bonding with their baby more challenging because they don’t breastfeed, have pregnancy hormones and are kind of left out unintentionally by others.

Yet there are plenty of ways in which Dads can develop a bond with their baby and here are 25 of the best!

Top 25 Baby Bonding Suggestions for Dads

1. Get excited about attending the birth of your baby. Being there right from the start is important.

2. Have skin to skin time with your baby.

3. Walk your baby around and look at different patterns and textures.

4. Snuggle up with Mum and baby when she is breastfeeding.

5. If baby is bottle fed, you can feed baby yourself.

6. Give your baby a soothing bath. Better still have a bath with your little one.

7. Soothe your crying baby by holding them close, swaying side to side and shushing them. You could also use our Baby Shusher  to help you do this.

8. Invent a song with your baby’s name in it and sing it to them.

9. Give your baby a relaxing massage. This can help improve their sleep, digestion and boost their immune system.

10. Kiss, kiss and kiss your baby! Butterfly kisses are especially lovely or even an Eskimo kiss!

11. Tell your baby nursery rhymes and finger play songs such as Humpty Dumpty, 5 Little Ducks and Twinkle Twinkle. You can brush up on lyrics or learn some new favourites on the Nursery Rhymes website.

12. Start reading to your baby. Board books which have rhyme and rhythm are sure to become firm favourites with both of you.

13. Once baby is older, have tummy time together and get down on their level.

14. Babies love hearing voices, so talk to your baby about whatever pops into your mind.

15. Show your baby photos of their family members. Babies really like to look at faces when they are young.

16. Take your baby for a walk in the stroller. Or you could even try using a front pack.

17. Smile with your baby.

18. Play peek a boo. It’s a sure fire way of getting a laugh from your baby.

19. If you play an instrument, you can give your baby a concert and play for them.

20. Burp baby after they have been fed.

21. Just be there with your baby. Touch, talk and reassure that you are here to help care for them.

22. Wrap baby up in a snuggly blanket and cuddle them.

23. Dress your baby in clothes that you choose, not Mum!

24. Tell your baby about the first time you met their Mummy.

25. Hold your baby close and tell them that you love them. Dads have so many wonderful ways in which they can bond with their baby. Mums can help with this baby bonding by giving support and encouragement to both Dad and baby.

Remember that bonding doesn’t instantly happen with Mums too, but have faith in knowing that does happen with both parents in time.

Do you have any other great bonding tips for new parents to be? We would love to hear from you!

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