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Top 11 Must Have Products When Travelling.

Going away this Summer? We are here to help. Here are our top picked products that will save your sanity these holidays. 

Travelling around the busiest time of the year can be super stressful, especially with kids. Long days, different routines and the lead up to get to your destination can be overwhelming and tiresome. Having travelled a lot in the past with my kids, I wish I had been lucky enough to have these products on my side, they would of saved a lot of tantrums ( from both me and my children), arguments and not to mention sleep! 

We understand and want to make your life a whole lot easier. Without further ado, lets get started!

Baby Shusher 

This product isn't award winning for nothing! The Baby Shusher is made to capture the attention of an upset child and rhythmically shush them into a calm demeanour or nap. Photographers and sleep consultants around the world swear by these and claim it as their number one tool to get children to sleep. 

Whilst travelling, the Baby Shusher is a life saver and provides a familiar noise to help soothe and settle. No more screaming in the middle of the airport or spending hours trying to shush yourself, when you could be having that well deserved wine on your holiday.  

SnoozeShade- Travel Cot Cover

Worried about how you are going to get your wee one to sleep whilst on holiday in these bright summer nights? The SnoozeShade Travel Cot Cover will be your ultimate lifesaver. With the ability to cover 94% of light in a room and blur from visual distractions, protect from insects and bugs (for all you campers) and allows you to share a room with your child while still having a light on- you really cant ask for much more. 

This is easy to use on all standard travel cots and is lightweight and easy to to transport. 

Two Nomads-Backseat Organiser Stow and Show

No more 'are we there yet?' Two Nomad’s Stow and Show car accessory is a must have for road trips. This sturdy backseat organiser can keep snacks, drink bottles and has an iPad holder at level height, so no car sickness whilst watching their favourite shows. Its a win win! 

Rockit- Portable Baby Rocker

Does your little one wake up as soon as the pram stops? The Rockitwill keep it moving- so you don't have to. Simply attach to your pram or pushchair with the universal bracket, push the button and adjust the speed to gently rock your baby, just like you would. All that time saved pushing can now be used as your valuable holiday time! 

Easy blinds - Easynight Black Out Blind PORTABLE Kit

Easynight Blinds truly black out everything, and there is a generous number of velcro pads to make sure those tricky corners and sides stay shut!

I have personally tested these blinds prior to bringing them in from the UK. They are brilliant! We have gone on to sell thousands of these kits to happy customers all over New Zealand and Australia. 

This portable pack has velcro self-adhesive pads to stick to your aluminum or wooden frame around your window at home, plus the added bonus of having suction cups so you can take your blind away with you on holidays or whilst staying with Grandparents.

 Love To Dream - Swaddle Up  0.2 Tog Designer

With a single layer of specifically woven, ultra breakable high quality cotton fabric that is light and cool, this Love to Dream Swaddle Up 0.2 Tog is the perfect bedtime addition for your wee one. 

Keeping it light and simple, no need for packing extra blankets- this folds down and is super compact for wherever you are travelling. 

 My Travel Tray - Travel Tray 

Lightweight, sturdy and prevents spills! This Travel Tray lets children eat anywhere on the go, with the tray simply slotting into the cup holder.

No more hangry kids, this travel tray is great for road trips and plane rides. 

 Zed the Vibration Sleep Soother and Nightlight - Rockit

Take your baby to the land of nod!

Simply place Zed by your baby’s feet and the soothing vibrations will ripple through the mattress, comforting them and encouraging a deep sleep.

Use the night light with or without the vibrations to create a soothing glow. Small and portable- this will become your new best friend whilst travelling. 

Delux Change Mat with Pockets - Ryco 

The Ryco Deluxe Change Mat is perfect for your baby's daily essentials.

Store everything conveniently in the internal pockets and clean up is quick with its easy-clean surface. Conveniently compact, so you can take it with you while you and baby go out.

 Haakaa - Portable UV LED Sterilising Box

Drop the dummy on the airport floor?

With the simple press of a button, the Haakaa- Portable UV LED Sterilising System utilises the power of UV technology to eliminate 99.9% of germs in just one minute.

This handy little gadget is compact and convenient, making it perfect for mums on-the-go!

Hand Sanitiser for Kids - Jack n' Jill


This rinse free, natural sanitiser is a must have when traveling- not to mention it comes in a cute character case that attaches easily to bags, prams or keychains. 


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