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45 Free Activities for Kids Aged 5 and Under

Looking for something for your toddler or pre-schooler to do which doesn’t cost the earth? Check out our 45 free activities for kids aged 5 and under!

No matter the weather, our list of 45 free activities for kids aged five and under is certain to meet with your child’s approval! Packed with original and time-tested ideas, all equipment or material needed can be found in or around your home. There’ll be no time to be bored when you’ll all be having fun.

45 Free Activities for Young Children

Playing is the work of a child, and these 45 activities will certainly help achieve this! If we’ve missed any of your favourites off the list, please drop us a comment below so we can add them.

  1. Build an obstacle course inside or outside
  2. Head to the beach for a paddle and to build sandcastles
  3. Get the chalk out and find some concrete to draw upon
  4. Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt looking for specific items or colours
  5. Play in the hose
  6. Have a disco at home
  7. Make swords from rolled up newspaper and have a sword fight
  8. Collect seeds from the garden and plant your own
  9. Play I spy with colours
  10. Take a walk to the local park
  11. Visit the library or museum
  12. Do some baking
  13. Play hairdressers and let your child ‘do’ your hair
  14. Create a fort with a sheet over some chairs
  15. Take photos with a digital camera and print them out
  16. Have a tea party
  17. Draw a treasure map and go on an adventure
  18. Create a time capsule
  19. Have a ‘movie night’ at home on the couch
  20. Go for a bike or scooter ride
  21. Go for a picnic
  22. Paint the fence with a brush and water
  23. Draw flames with chalk on the fence, then ‘put these out’ with the hose
  24. Make mudpies
  25. Wash the car
  26. Build a car or truck from a cardboard box
  27. Make sun shadows outside and draw around the shadow outline
  28. Play dress up
  29. Make a musical instrument, such as a plastic bottle with pebbles inside
  30. Build a playhouse from cardboard boxes
  31. Go for a bush walk
  32. Camp outside in the garden
  33. Play hide and seek
  34. Play Simon Says
  35. Feed the ducks at the park
  36. Decorate a bike and have a bike parade
  37. Make playdough or slime
  38. Paint and hide rocks
  39. Draw a road for toy cars and drive around it
  40. Make Christmas tree decorations
  41. Listen to a story being read
  42. Dig in the garden
  43. Take a virtual trip online to an aquarium, gallery or even Disneyland!
  44. Freeze coloured water in a container with a plastic animal inside, then rescue the animal as the ice thaws
  45. Collect flowers to press and dry, then use these to make pictures with

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