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SnoozeShade Air-Permeable Travel Cot Blackout Cover

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The unique SnoozeShade fabric blocks is air-permeable and blocks out up to 94% of light.

SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is the breathable portable blackout sleep shade for travel cots that makes any time sleep time.

SnoozeShade covers are air permeable, meaning they are the safest shade covers tested to keep sunlight out and let air flow through to keep baby snug and dark in their travels.

It’s a simple portable blackout solution that provides a darkened, distraction-free sleep environment for little ones wherever they are.
Use day or night, SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is perfect for trips away from home, holidays or during the bright summer months.
Lightweight, easy to use and with no complicated attachments, it’s ideal for sharing rooms at home or away. To be used with travel cots up to 105cm (41") long and 82cm (32") wide (dimensions when cot is assembled).

Ever done one of these? 
* hobbled around a room with a phone pretending to be a torch when you have to share a room with a small baby
* worried how you’re going to get your little one to sleep when it’s bright outside and you’re staying with friends who’ve never heard of curtains
* popped the cot in the bathroom or covered it with towels
* been woken at 4am by a wide awake baby (I’ve experienced all of these)
Then you need a SnoozeShade for Travel Cots.

Benefits include:
* easy to use on all standard travel cots
* blocks 94% of light and blurs visual distractions that keep baby awake
* clever zip panels enable parents to modify light and give easy access to baby
* allows you to share a room with your child and still have a light on
* ensures the whole family gets the sleep it needs on a trip away
* helps your child switch off in unfamiliar surroundings
* protects from insects such as mosquitoes
* lightweight, compact and easy to transport

"Having a child who will not sleep with the merest hint of light, we bought this for our travel cot for when visiting friends/family and for going on holidays. All I can say is it works perfectly! It is SUPER easy to fit over the travel cot and has lots of options for access or introducing lighter environments. It’s definitely a great purchase!”
SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is used in the childcare facilities in all Mark Warner’s European holiday resorts.

Size information:

This product is designed for traditional style travel or porta cots. It will also fit NZ standard size cots, measuring 120 x 60cm only.

Please note SnoozeShade for Cots does NOT fit cot beds or American size cots.

Can this be used on other travel cots?

We have tried this product on a Baby Bjorn & 'phil&ted' traveller. It is much too big for using on these cots unless you adapt it by pulling the shade over the cot and securing with the elastic straps which are on each corner.
It would be looser than it is designed for and our recommendation is that you only use this Travel Cot Snooze Shade on a traditional style travel cot, rather than any of the smaller, lightweight models.
5 Reviews
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