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Toddler Food Prep & Storage Tips for Busy Parents

Discover the secrets you’ve always wanted to know about toddler food prep and storage, all designed to make your life as a parent easier.

When it comes to toddler food prep and storage, busy parents need solutions that are fast, repeatable and helpful. Well, we’ve got all three and today we’re sharing some of our favourite ideas on ways of preparing food for your toddler that are certain to meet with everyone’s approval.

Time Saving Toddler Food Prep Ideas 

Life is busy when you are a parent. Often mealtimes are an afterthought, where quick and easy solutions are sought. We thought it would be useful then to share some of our favourite toddler food prep ideas to help make life just that little bit easier for parents.

  • Use the freezer – storing chopped veges in the freezer is an absolute genius way of having health food ready to pull out and heat. Or you can even freeze whole meals which is great if you can cook in bulk when you have time.
  • Cook extra at dinner – a few extra pieces of food from dinner make a great lunch for a toddler the next day.
  • Make double – cooking and then storing the extra in the fridge for tomorrow works well for food such as meat and porridge.
  • Plan ahead – having a meal plan may seem annoying, but it can help remind you to get something out of the freezer and avoid unhealthy choices for your toddler.

Appointing your toddler as your food prep helper may sound counterproductive, but if you give them a small job to do, you get the bonus of keeping them in sight and engaged in a task they’ll feel great about doing. We can’t guarantee it will help increase the amount of food they’ll eat, but at least they’ll be touching it which is a start.

Storing and Serving Food for Your Toddler 

When it comes to storing food, the best options are reusable ones. Plastic containers with lids automatically spring to mind, such as Freezer Trays, but you could also reuse zip top bags. Beeswax wraps are another option, especially useful for wrapping muffins or patties for the fridge.

For serving food to your toddler, suction plates with individual compartments help make food look appealing, easy to grab and prevent that all annoying food touching each other business. They also reduce the likelihood of the plate being thrown onto the floor. Our Easymats are idea for this. For a bowl option, we recommend the Petite Eats Bowl and Spoon Sets, which also stops flying bowls – but not flying spoons sadly. These are also super easy to clean and can be taken with you when you go out.

We’d love to invite you to our Sleepytot parents support group on Facebook. It’s bursting with parents who are in the same situation as you, as well as parents who have been there and now have wisdom to share with us all!


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