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Snotty Three - Landed in NZ, Clearing Stuffy Noses

We know all to well the familiar scene of chasing your child around with a tissue in hand begging them to blow that sniffley snotty nose! 

Or worse yet, having a sick young baby that can't get the relief needed from blowing their wee nose and struggles to feed.

SNOTTY is the natural and HEALTHY way to go without ongoing costs and the need for expensive replacement parts!

Nasal mucus is important, our bodies need snot to wash the germs out of the nose and sinuses. This a healthy way of fighting off sickness and infection.

SNOTTY is perfect for younger children, you can use gentle suction on the nose to help get rid of excess congestion faster. To help make it easier you can put petroleum jelly on the end of the bulb and nose to protect the nostrils from any soreness or sensitivity.


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