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Low Down on Ways Your Body Changes After Childbirth


Sick of hearing how your body changes after childbirth? Tired of all the doom and gloom about carrying excess baby weight and leaky boobs?

Then you’d better stop reading now because I’m going to get down and dirty about post pregnancy body changes.

Your Body Will Never Be the Same After Childbirth

Being pregnant is often said to be the time when your body no longer belongs to you. You grow a baby inside your body, which pushes your organs aside and stretches your skin.

Your muscles become sore, you may pee when you sneeze and you may even suffer from morning sickness. Then there are the scars pregnancy leaves behind, surgical or natural, which are permanent reminders of what we have been through.

Let’s look deeper at some of these physical post pregnancy changes:

  • We carry extra weight. You’ve just given birth to a huge baby, but you still can’t fit your regular jeans. Hey, why not? All the extra skin and fat we grew to care for that precious cargo is still there. For some of us, it will slowly fade away. For others, it is a damn hard job to shift any of it.
  • Our body parts have moved around. Sagging tummies, lumps and bumps, curvier hips and enormous breasts; well they are par with the course.
  • Some body parts don’t work like they used to. You have little ‘accidents’ when jumping or picking up your baby. Your hip may become sore again when you exercise. Your back could always hurt when you bend over. They are all normal.

You Should Celebrate Those Body Changes After Childbirth

Okay, so most of us Mums are not ever going to look or work the same ever again. So what! You’ve done the most amazing job ever and brought a new life into the world. You spent nine months nurturing a tiny human being inside of you and these changes represent that achievement!

Having stretch marks or a saggy tummy are not things to be ashamed of. Wear them as a badge of honour, one showing solidarity with other mothers out there. Your new mama body is truly amazing! It can soothe an upset baby or catch a toddler as they make a dash out of the driveway.

Your core and biceps become stronger as your baby grows and your muscles work harder to lift and carry them. Your sleep deprived body will keep on going, letting you feed and comfort your baby for the fifth time that night.

Yes, there are physical changes after childbirth. But you and your body are survivors and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

What were some of the changes in your body that you were not expecting? - we would love to hear from you, share away in the comments!

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