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How Often is Too Often for Bathing Your Baby?


Bathing your baby is not rocket science, but many professionals argue about it all the same. How often should you give your baby a bath? What baby cream you should use on their skin?

Even whether soap is good for baby skin or not. But one thing for sure is that giving baby a bath is a special time for you and your baby. As their Mum or Dad, you are the most qualified person to make the decision about how often they should have a bath.


Baths are a wonderful way of helping to calm your baby before bedtime. Warm water replicates the familiar feeling of your womb. Baby has a little splash, gets clean and enjoys smelling the fragrance of a relaxing soap.

You get to spend time bonding with your baby and enjoying one of the nicer moments of being a parent. Yet when it comes to bathing your baby, everyone has a different opinion. Many are backed up with professional research, others are based on observation.

As babies are not active enough to roll around in the mud, the only time they become grubby is through feeding, passing wees and poos in their nappy and bringing up any milk after feeding. For this reason, a newborn or infant may only need a bath two or three times a week.

In between these times, you need to be washing their bottom during each nappy change anyway. Their hands and face will be fine with a wipe with a warm wet flannel.


If your baby loves being in the water, a daily bath should be fine if their skin copes with it. Baby’s skin is very delicate and hard or chlorinated water can dry and damage their skin. Red, dry, flaky and itchy skin are signs that your baby maybe having too many baths. Therefore, it is important to adjust the number of baths they have, as well as use products which counteract the effects of the water.

Natures Care Paw Paw Balm is a fantastic moisturising cream. Suitable for the whole family and particularly for babies, it has no nasty petrochemicals and is completely natural. Applying a thin layer of Natures Care Paw Paw Balm after you baby’s bath, helps to protect and soothe their skin. Soft, moisturised and beautifully smelling baby skin; mmm, what could be better than that! I really recommend it as a nipple protecting cream and nappy rash cream too.

We also have a lovely range of other natural oils, creams, bubble bath, lotions and potions all designed to keep your little ones skin clean and moisturized.

I introduced the bath time routine quite early on in our household. It was a lovely time to wind down after dinner time and get ready for bed. Baths would be followed by milk, cuddles, stories and bed. Our babies grow so fast.

Enjoy the time you spend bathing your baby as every moment is precious. Did you follow a routine from early on? Let me know in the comments! Fiona xx

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