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How Different Would It Be If Men Gave Birth?

How Different Would It Be If Men Gave Birth - just asking...

Take a moment and imagine just how different the world would be if men gave birth?

Now stop laughing, if you can, and actually think about all the things which would change in an instant if Dads got pregnant.

We’re not saying that a Dad would not be able to cope with pregnancy, as after all it is the male dwarf seahorse which is the one who actually carries the fertilised eggs around until they hatch. Just that there would be some big changes made, like the seahorse whose eggs are only in his pouch for 15 days and not 9 months!

15 Earth Shattering Changes Pregnant Males Would Make

We’ve come up with 15 of the most significant changes that we think men would make if they could give birth.

1. The Morning After Pill would have been invented in the Stone Age.

2. Breast feeding would be encouraged in public and men would have no issues with showing off the size of their breasts to one another.

3. The population of the world would be on the decline, possibly verging upon extinction due to genetic engineering in order to produce a 'mini me'.

4. Morning sickness would be completely acceptable and you would receive a sickness benefit if you were too sick to go to work. No sickness certificate needed thank you.

5. Paid parental leave would be compulsory for at least 12 months.

6. Labour and Delivery Suites would be fitted with large flat screen TVs connected to sport channels.

7. C-section scars would be shown with pride and stretch marks compared in quantity and size with their other pregnant friends.

8. If men have tearing during delivery, they would brag about the number of stitches they needed gleefully with each other.

9. Pregnancy would not last 9 months and even a one-week pregnancy would be classed as too long.

10. Men's 'man-ternity' clothing would be designed by world class designers that fitted in all the right places.

11. Test tube baby conception would have moved onto incubated pods for the entire term of pregnancy until birth.

12. Labour pain would no longer be considered as ‘nothing’, and the anesthetist would be the first staff member you meet when you checked into the maternity hospital.

13. How you gave birth would actually matter and your birth plan would be followed to the letter.

14. Men would send their wives out at 2.00 am to buy beer nuts and dried meat that they desperately craved.

15. Pregnant men would not have to work, do the housework, look after the kids, cook or do the shopping as bed rest would be encouraged for the entire pregnancy.

We would love to hear about the changes you think men would make if they could get pregnant! Let us know what they are and what you think about our ideas as a comment below

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