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    Lulla by Roro - Lulla Doll Generation 3 (With Relaxing Heartbeat & Breathing, Baby and Child Sleep Companion)

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    Lulla Sky
    Lulla Coral
    Lulla Lilac

    SILVER WINNER - Best Sleep Aid OhBaby Awards!

    The unique and innovative Lulla doll has been called a miracle by parents all over the world.

    "I cannot praise this product high enough. From day 1, my daughter became very attached to it and has finally started to fall asleep easier & stay asleep for longer. This little doll has been a lifesaver. Thank you!" -Mandy P.

    Lulla doll is a soother and sleep companion for preemies, babies, toddlers and beyond. It imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest with its soft feel and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla plays for 12 hours to provide comfort all night long. The doll is machine washable and comes with 2 AA batteries.

    Lulla is loved by thousands of parents and children and used in homes and hospitals worldwide.

    Designed in Iceland and inspired by scientific research on closeness, sleep and wellbeing - the Lulla doll was in development for three years with the help of doctors, nurses, psychologists, parents and babies.


    Please note we will not be selling Lulla Dolls to Australia due to our contract requirements. Please contact Sleep Tight Babies to order your Lulla Doll.


    The the overall run time for regular AA batteries (2 x) in the new sound unit is approx 300 hours, so triple the time in the original sound unit (with the AAA batteries).

    This should result in approximately 3 weeks of battery lifetime, based on for example:

    - 12 hour night time usage and 1 x 2 hour day nap OR

    - 10 hour night time usage (giving that they turn the sound unit off after these 10 hours) and 2 x 2 hour day naps

    The dolls come with regular batteries and should last for the same time as any other regular batteries.

    They are not demo batteries, but we can't guarantee that they'll last for as long as high quality batteries.

    Please do not use Lithium batteries with any of our battery operated products including Lulla and the Baby Shusher. By doing so you will void your warranty. Use good quality rechargeable or alkaline batteries. Preferably the EverReady gold or silver.

    Read our blog with some great tips about introducing your Lulla Doll to achieve the best results for your child.  Check out our FAQ here for troubleshooting.