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Everything you need to know about the Lulla Doll...

What is the Lulla doll?

The Lulla doll is a multi-awarded baby sleep aid suitable from birth and beyond. It imitates closeness with its soft feel and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep and well-being.

Gentle and soothing solution based on mother nature. Integrate Lulla doll into your baby’s sleep routine and use it for comfort on the go. For babies under a year old, place the Lulla doll outside of the sleep area. The natural sounds will soothe your baby and bring the comforting feeling of co-sleeping. Older children love to cuddle and bond with Lulla. It has helped thousands with sleep related challenges and to reduce anxiety and give comfort.

Benefits of the Lulla doll:

Being close to Lulla feels like cuddling with a sleeping little friend, as the Lulla doll is designed to imitate lying in the arms of a parent at rest. Therefore the Lulla doll has one sound — the natural breathing and heartbeat of a real mother. The benefits of the doll can be experienced when the sound is turned on, even when placed out of reach for children under 12 months, as per AAP guidelines.

For the first months of life, closeness is vital. It is recommended by pediatric guidelines that your baby sleeps in the same room with you for the first year of life. The Lulla doll can be a good addition, a second best but not as a replacement for closeness, making it a great baby sleep aid.

The benefits of the Lulla doll are to support a healthy sleeping pattern and mimic co-sleeping. However, that does not necessarily mean they sleep without stirring or waking. According to dr. James McKenna, a leading expert in the field, babies are not designed to sleep through the night in the first six months. Most newborns don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night, during the first few weeks of life. Newborns can sleep for up to 20 hours but it can be very sporadic and some sleep much less according to pediatrician Scott Cohen.

The Lulla Doll will work differently for every child based on their age, personality, sleep routine and home environment. Most parents report that it takes time to integrate Lulla into their babies sleep routine and see results. For some the results are immediate but for most they are gradual.

It is very important to help your child make a positive association to the Lulla doll from the start and to help the baby connect it with sleep, calm and comfort. 

The design of the doll is based on multiple scientific research on the positive effects of real-life breathing and heartbeat sounds. Research tells us that when babies hear the natural sounds of heartbeat and breathing they tune into the rhythm that they hear, making their own heartbeat and breathing more stable, which in turn helps them to feel comforted and sleep better and longer. Lulla can also help older children with anxiety and give them added comfort and aid in relaxation. 

Tips on how to introduce the Lulla doll:

  • Keep the doll close to your skin so the doll can absorb your scent. This will give your child an added feeling of safety and comfort. 
  • Introduce the doll when the child is calm and content.
  • Show your child the doll, allow it to listen to the sound and feel the softness of the fabric.

  • Use a happy, warm voice when introducing the doll. 

  • Integrate the Lulla doll into your baby’s sleep routine with the sound turned on.

  • When not in use, keep the Lulla doll in the bed or sleeping area to associate it with calmness, comfort and sleep. 

For children under 12 months:

  • You can let your baby hold the doll and keep it close when they are awake, when they are falling asleep and always under your supervision.
  • Once the child is asleep, remove the doll and place it outside of the child’s sleeping area. Have the sound turned on and fasten the doll to the outside of the crib or place it nearby.  
  • The child will experience the benefits of the soothing natural sounds even when the doll is placed out of reach.

For children over 12 months:

  • Older children can cuddle the doll while they sleep.

  • Tell your child a story, fitting for their age, of how the Lulla doll keeps them comforted and helps them sleep. 

  • Include their sleep routine in the story and talk to them about their positive sleep experience like it already happened. 

  • Involve role play. Dress Lulla Doll up for bed time to form a positive sleep association. Lulla's clothing can be purchased here

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