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Meet Noody, All natural and highly effective skincare for young, sensitive skin.

Noody's mission was inspired by founder, Ashleigh's children, Georgie and Freddie, who suffered from severe chronic eczema from a young age, affecting their development and overall well-being.

This struggle led them, to combine passions (Ashleigh’s in skincare and Scott’s in design) to create the ideal solution.

Ashleigh and Scott crafted their products with a focus on children’s safety and comfort. They have avoided harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, ensuring their formulations are gentle on young skin. They firmly believe in the nurturing power of natural skincare, bringing only the kindest, most effective ingredients to your family.

We are delighted to invite you into our world of skincare, born from personal experiences and crafted with care. Join Noody in making children’s skincare safe, fun, and special.