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Fly Legs Up

Our patented Fly LegsUp for Kids makes flying with children easier and less stressful - They can sleep (and play!) in comfort, making the most of their economy seat

The hammock is the same as the adults (with an additional Large pillow), so as your child grows they can continue to use their Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock.

For infants to young children: The hammock is very adaptable and can make a flat platform for them to sleep and play on, just like their bed at home. Their minimal space is maximised with the hammock and they have more room to play and ensure their toys won't get lost.

Tip: Bring your child's favourite pillow from home or use the supplied airline pillow to make a level platform, as some airline seats have a slant toward the back of the chair. This also makes your child feel nice and cosy!

For older children: It provides leg support at variable heights, by adding or removing and changing the inflation levels of the pillows. Make them soft and squishy or hard and firm.

Tip: For older children who do not need a flat platform, you can use one of the Large pillows (inflated 1/2 or less), as a head or armrest.

Experiment is key - The Fly LegsUp is a tool to get comfortable!

Note: Children should be supervised by an adult at all times and wear a seatbelt during the flight - Recommended for infants - approx. 9 years old.

Fly LegsUp also comes in a pack for adults.