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Chai Baby

As avid coffee and tea drinkers, Stacey and Michael often found comfort in their own reusable takeaway cups. Their daughter, Willow, developed a keen interest in these cups as she approached her second year of life. It was during this time that inspiration struck Stacey, “Why not find a ‘fluffy’ cup for her that perfectly matches ours?”

The quest for such a cup in New Zealand turned out to be fruitless. This realisation sparked the opportunity we had been searching for – a chance to create a product that children would adore, simultaneously allowing parents to instil the values of reusability in their little ones, whilst crafting cherished memories.

And thus, the design process began. Stacey, our creative force, dedicated months to curating six delightful designs, catering to both parents and children alike. 

Chai Baby began to flourish straight away and is now one of our top selling 'meal time' products! 

We love a great New Zealand story.