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Why a White Noise Machine is Exactly What Your Baby Needs

Heard a bit about why you should buy a white noise machine, but need more info?

We explain how a white noise machine can have your baby sleeping like a baby, literally!

A white noise machine is just what your baby or toddler needs to sleep better. We’d even go as far as saying you as a parent need one too. A white noise machine creates sounds that help block out everyday sounds. They create a comfortable womb-like environment that calms young infants, helping them to resettle and sleep for longer.

For generations, parents have been using vacuum cleaners, clothes dryers and radio static to help their get to and stay asleep. While these tactics usually work, the problem is they’re not portable and often disturb other household members. Having access to specially developed white noise tools for babies has given parents the ability to help improve their child’s sleep wherever they are.

We often get questions from parents as to which white noise machine they should buy, how they work and what the additional benefits are of using one. Today we’re going to answer those questions.


Pictured; AuCuTee Noise Machine, 20 Soothing sounds

What is a White Noise Machine? 

White noise is a sound that masks other sounds, a bit like a low jet engine noise. It sounds very similar to the noise you heard when having an ultrasound, and that’s why babies love it so much! It helps them feel calm and content because they’ve been hearing it uninterrupted for nine months.

Also called a sound machine or sound conditioner, a white noise machine creates a sound which remains the same across all hearable frequencies. This sound is predictable and consistent, creating a masking effect for other sudden noises such as traffic, birds or talking.

Not just for sleeping, these clever devices can also help mask noises in busy offices or homes too. Don’t want to be overhearing the kids playing on the X-box? Turn on the white noise. Talking on the phone and don’t want to be overheard? Once again, turn on the white noise!

How do You Choose a White Noise Machine?

When choosing a white noise machine, first consider what and when you will use it. 

  • It is for helping your baby sleep at home? Plugin options are best used here as they provide a longer lasting option.
  • Will you be taking it with you when you head on holiday? A plugin option can be used on holiday at night-time, but not in a vehicle when travelling for instance.
  • Is it for an older child or adult? Often different sound options are needed for older kids and adults, such as meditation tracks or chimes. The machine’s size and way it was built need to also be taken into consideration here.
  • Will it be placed upon a side table or near the crib? Do you want a cuddly toy or a box shaped machine?
  • Do you want a portable or plugin machine? Look for rechargeable battery options for a portable option. A model with a rechargeable battery is only for short term use when you are away, not everyday use at home. A plugin machine is best for everyday usage at home.

Here at Sleepytot, we have a wide range of adult and baby white noise machines to choose from. Our Lulla Doll provides a calming heart beat sound which combined with your scent on the doll’s fabric, helps calm and relax a baby. For older kids who can self settle overnight, try the Zazu Collection range of Nightlight and Music boxes which plays soothing melodies and has a built-in nightlight. Adults particularly love using the Yoga Sleep White Noise Machine Collection which has helped improve the sleeping experience of generations.


Pictured; Hushh Portable White Noise Machine

What are the Benefits of Using White Noise to My Baby?

Some Mothers may feel they don't want the added hassle of having their child attached to something to be able to fall asleep.

There are some great benefits of using a white noise machine for your baby. These include:

  • masking household noises – you may have been told by the Plunket nurse not to be purposefully quiet when your baby goes down for a nap. As a parent though, you just know exactly what will happen if your child fails to sleep or wakes up early! Therefore, it is too tempting to avoid all noise-making activities when they are sleeping. Having the white noise machine playing helps to cover up the noises which may cause premature waking or failing to sleep. So yes, you can boil the jug for a hot cup of coffee during nap time without fear!
  • helps through restless periods – during and after the fourth trimester, a baby becomes far more aware of their surrounds. They also become more sociable, wanting to be a part of everything happening around themselves. This means waking up at the slightest noise. White noise can help reduce this restless, helping them sleep more easily and be soothed faster.
  • providing sensory input – our brains are wired to seek out new sensory input. When white noise is present, the brain can calm down its systems and not seek out additional sensory input.
  • improve sleep quality – white noise provides a constant background sound. This helps the brain to relax and block out other sounds when falling asleep, as well as preventing sudden noises from waking baby up.
  • a hint of nature – nature sounds are another option that noise generators offer. They can combine white, pink and brown noise with natural sound elements, such as thunderstorms or ocean waves which operate on a continuous loop. This means that the sound remains the same the entire time, with no interruptions which could cause bubs to wake up.

Using a white noise machine is simple. You simply turn it on, adjust the volume and place it in a safe place. As for when you should use it, there are plenty of opportunities! It can help soothe a teething baby or one which has the sniffles. It’s great for when a noisy toddler is at home or the neighbour is mowing their lawn during nap time.  

Many of our white noise machines offer a mixture of other sleep and calm promoting sounds including pink noise, heartbeat, rain and forest sounds. The Aucutee S5 offers multiple sounds, including pink and white noise, grey and brown noise, fan, cracking fire, train, ocean and womb noises, making it ideal if you are not sure which noise your child will best respond to.

Pink noise has been found to slow brainwaves and increase levels of deep sleep. It has a deeper noise than white noise, more of a low bass humming noise. Brown noise is ‘rougher’ than pink noise and sounds a bit like a strong wind or roaring river. Grey noise sounds like a distant waterfall and is known as a ‘flat’ noise that sounds loud at all frequencies.

Having the ability to be able to alter the way your noise machine works in terms of volume, tone, frequency and length of play is important. Not all babies or adults for that case are the same. They respond better to some noises than others, and as a parent being able to adjust the sounds to suit your baby’s preferences is ideal. Having the ability to set the timer is also useful as you can set the machine playing and know it will turn off when your baby is sound asleep – or you for that matter.

So it you’re ready for your baby (and you) to get some serious shut eye happening, head over to our white noise machines shop now. We’ll have your choice packed and sent to you before you can say, “good night Mr Sandman.”

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