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It’s exhausting having a baby dependent on you 24/7. So it’s important you make some time for yourself, for the well-being of you and your baby.

The trick is to ignore the housework and the million and one things you should be doing and gift yourself some time, every day! Here are ROCKIT’s tips for feeling yourself again:

  1. Have a rest.

Find someone to take the baby out for a walk. Lie down and close your eyes. Having no responsibilities, even for just a short period of time, will refresh you.

  1. Go for a meal out.

Plan to go around nap time. Stick a ROCKIT on the stroller and let it rock your baby to sleep, so you can eat hands free. You may even get pudding!

  1. Switch off the nursery rhymes.

Listen to your favourite music. Alone, or with the baby.

  1. Read something.

Dip in and out of magazines or short stories while the baby naps. That way you remove the frustration of never finishing a book.

  1. Get some fresh air.

Go for a buggy-less walk on your own. Whenever an opportunity arises.

  1. Watch an episode on TV.

Go for a comedy, or repeats of a favourite series – something that doesn’t need much brainpower!

  1. Feel special.

Get your haircut or nails done. Take a ROCKIT with you and it’ll soothe the baby, along with the sound of the hairdryers.

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