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Mummmmy.......Turn off that wind !!! Waaaaaaa

Tantrums!! When my son was very little, he was such a serious wee chap.

He hardly smiled, or made any acknowledgement as you sat in front of him pulling silly faces and making inappropriate noises to make him giggle. I was concerned.

In fact, it's fair to say I shared my concern with Google. Doctor Google told me not to worry, and that said emotions would happen when baby was ready. Fast forward quite a few months, and my worry lines and wrinkles have now been replaced by combat scars.

My son is a LOUD, funny, cheeky, mischievous, and very rough little 3 year old that throws the most hugest tantrums you have ever seen. Most of them involve him ploughing into any family member fists pumping, legs kicking, mouth spurting a jumble of obscene words, the most common being "you are a poo poo bum, and I'm not your friend".

I recently posted on my Facebook page about some of the reasons your toddler has tantrums. I got a huge response, and spent about an hour reading them all, laughing my head off.

I have collated a few of my favourites so you too can be happy in the knowledge that you are not may even feel a little normal after reading these!

  • Because daddy gave Miss 3 Ramy instead of Lamby! (identical soft toys) Clearly he should know the difference - Amber
  • Because she wanted me to turn off the wind....- Melissa
  • Because I wouldn't give her a steak knife to hug - Steph
  • Because I told him to stop licking the mud off his gumboots - Christine
  • The duck ate her bread out of her hand that she was feeding to the ducks - Rhonda
  • Because I gave him the Shrewsbury biscuit with the heart shape in the middle. He will only eat the one with the round shape - Marieanne
  • Because the dinosaurs I was offering to take him to see weren't actually real and he wouldn't go unless they were - Lee
  • Because I simply walked past him - Rachel
  • Because the sun looked at her "don't look at me sun" she is just two - Rebecca
  • Because he was angry that he was falling asleep and didn't want to - Leslie
  • Because I don't let him sleep with his corn cob - Nicholas
  • Because I took his teddy back out of time out - Luke
  • Because the dog wouldn't share his bone - Jenna
  • Because he threw bread in the pond for the ducks and the fish ate it instead - Anna
  • Because his bubble bath had bubbles in it - Abby
  • Because her twin brothers got to pee standing up and she can't - Tracey
  • Because the blankie is too green - Sarah
  • Because his ice block is too cold- Kisha
  • Because he couldn't find it. Find what? ' I don't know' he screams - Samantha
  • Because I refused to change his clean nappy after "poo's" which were actually just farts!- Carly
  • Because I couldn't stop night time coming - Kate
  • Because I wouldn't let him feed the dog a kg of grapes - Megan
  • Because his meal was too hot - it had been cooling for an hour.
Does anyone else have any more reasons their toddler threw a tantrum. I would love for you to share!

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