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Tips On Moving From a Cot to a Bed

Is your toddler about to begin the transition of moving from a cot to a bed?

Make things go as smoothly as possible by following our seven tips to help everyone get a good nights sleep.

Moving from a cot to a bed is a big deal. Suddenly your little baby is growing up and is no longer happy with the confines of a cot. They’re ready for a toddler bed and their daily jailbreaks make this only too clear. 

As a parent, how can you make the transition of moving from a cot to a bed as smooth as possible? With the potential of sleepless nights, refusals to sleep and a reduction in nap times, is there a magic wand which will make everything better?

Well, no. But there are seven tips for you to try and help make things go as well as they can.

7 Tips On Moving from a Cot to a Bed

Some young children are happy to go with the flow, and changes don’t really bother them. For others, they’re all about the routines, and anything different throws them into a spin. You’ll know your toddler best, so you may need to tweak some of these suggestions to ease the bed transition:

  1. Throw a big bed party – make moving from a cot to a bed a time of celebration for your toddler. Throw them a party: a few balloons, snacks and some friends to play will be fine.
  2. Give them a new cuddly toy – a  Ewan the Sheep lets your toddler hear soothing sounds and see a comforting light in their new big bed.
  3. Go slow – you could set the new bed up next to their crib, and leave it there for a few days beforehand. Spend some time testing it out during the daylight hours, lying down together.
  4. Make it look similar – the old cot sheets and blankets aren’t going to fit, but you may wish to reuse at least one part of the cot bedding on their new bed. You could also add side rails to the bed, making it look similar to a cot.
  5. Start reading – there are plenty of children’s books which discuss the topic of moving to a new bed. Borrow a few from your local library and spend time reading them in the weeks ahead to the shift.
  6. Let your toddler choose – toddlers like choice, so if you can, let them pick out the new bedding or even where the bed is positioned. By giving them a sense of control, they’ll think that the big bed move is all their own decision, and will be far happier.
  7. Use a night light or Grow Clock – if they’re not already using one, add a  night light or Grow Clock to their room. Having a light can chase the shadows away and help your toddler to feel more comfortable in bed. The clock teaches them appropriate time to get up in the morning and sleep at night keeping your child from late night wandering.
For more awesome advice, come and check out our  Sleepytot Facebook group, full of awesome parents who are or have gone through exactly the same as you.

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