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Is the Swaddle Getting A Bad Wrap?

Here is a great blog from ErgoPouch about the swaddle.

Trends seem to change so often; one day swaddling is in the other it's out! In 2012 a study was published looking at the traditional straight-leg swaddling model in neonatal rats.

The study concluded that, “Straight-leg swaddling was demonstrated to increase the prevalence of developmental dysplasia of the hip in this animal model, especially if the swaddling was early or prolonged.”

Following this, a UK medical journal published an article by Prof Nicholas Clarke of University Hospital Southampton. His article states, “ 'Safe swaddling' with appropriate devices should be promoted because it is recognised that traditional swaddling is a risk factor for DDH.”

"In order to allow for healthy hip development, legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips. This position allows for natural development of the hip joints. The babies' legs should not be tightly wrapped in extension and pressed together."

So what does this mean for swaddling? Well, this research is highlighting potential issues associated with the traditional wrapping method - parents can end up wrapping too tightly to ensure their babies stay securely swaddled. Wraps can tend to unravel, but it is really important to avoid wrapping a baby’s legs tightly in a straight (prone) position.

There is however no origami and no wrapping involved when using an ErgoCocoon or AirCocoon or ErgoPouch.

They keep even the most determined Houdini babies snug, without needing to be tight. They are ergonomically designed with a bell-shaped bottom for extra legroom, and are made from stretchy organic cotton or bamboo to allow babies to move their legs comfortably and adopt the 'frog-leg' position.

We also offer different sizes to ensure that you can choose the right fit for your baby. In fact, our swaddles are perfect for babies who have hip dysplasia as they can be used with legs free if needed, while still keeping the arms comfortably swaddled.

We’ve even tested our ergoCocoon on baby Grace, born with hip dysplasia as a result of a breech position - it fitted comfortably over her brace with room to spare. Our airCocoon is a similar shape and can be rolled up to allow the legs to be to be completely free if preferred. Baby swaddle

Why Swaddle? Newborn babies like to feel snug and secure. At this early stage of development swaddling is a great way to comfort a baby whilst keeping their startle reflexes contained. Containing the startle (Moro) reflex by using a Swaddle may help a baby to sleep for longer.

Many parents also find their baby will settle more easily when securely wrapped. Learning to swaddle using a traditional wrap can be daunting and babies often wriggle free. The ergoCocoon range of swaddles were designed to be both simple to use and difficult to escape from.

Made from super stretchy fabrics, they have been developed to allow a comfortable amount of natural movement for healthy hip development.

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