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How to Survive Christmas on a Budget

Jingle bells are ringing, kids are screaming and Mum’s wallet is looking sad.

It’s that time of the year again when our finances are put under more stress than normal. While it’s perfectly fine to spend that little bit extra during the holidays, getting into debt or struggling to pay bills really sucks. This Christmas, we’ve put together the Sleepytot Christmas on a Budget Survival Guide to help you manage your money while having fun too!

Sleepytot’s Christmas on a Budget Survival Guide

It’s time to make this Christmas the best and cheapest one yet! Our top tips for surviving Christmas on a budget are:

  1. Reuse Recycle Repurpose – Christmas is not about having everything new. Use last year’s decorations on the tree. Make your own wrapping paper out of the kid’s artwork. Create your own gift tags for presents out of letters cut from magazines. If you are crafty or your kids are, you can even make all your presents to give to everyone too.
  2. Welcome in Secret Santa – things get more manageable when you don’t have to buy as many presents. Have a chat with friends and family about running a secret Santa present session this year, meaning you only need to organise and give one or two gifts instead of many.
  3. Budget Your Reindeer Food – okay, so you don’t need to budget your reindeer food, but you do need to budget your money. Work out how much you are going to spend overall, then split that into different smaller lists such as groceries, decorations and presents. Keep to your budget, which I know is easier said than done. One way to do this is to withdraw the cash rather than use your plastic money cards. Keep the cash for each list in a separate envelope and when the money is spent, it’s over Rover.
  4. Write Your Santa List Early – impulse purchases are serious money spenders at Christmas time. I think that retailers know this and that’s why they release new ‘must have’ products after we’ve already brought all the presents. So, stay strong and keep to your list peeps!
  5. Stay Home Under the Tree – have you noticed how going out somewhere tends to cost you more money than you planned on spending? Whether it is food to help your kids from ‘starving’ or a drink because they are ‘dying from thirst,’ money often flows out without us even realising. Plan activities you can do at home in the garden or at local parks and playgrounds instead of heading to the shops. If you leave your wallet at home or just take enough money for a treat, you’ll be able to survive Christmas on a budget this year!

Christmas is all about spending time with friends and family, not about how great your presents are. Merry Christmas everyone!

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