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Do Babies & Children Need Sunglasses & Ear Protection?

As parents, we understand the need to protect our children’s skin from sun exposure.

But do babies need sunglasses and ear muffs to keep them safe too? Find out now. Protecting the eyesight and hearing of our babies is vital, which is why all babies need sunglasses and ear protection when growing up.

It may sound slightly crazy as they’re not sunbathing nor working near heavy machinery. The issue is though, that daily life itself can cause irreversible damage to a baby’s eyes and ears.

Today we discuss why babies need sunglasses and the reason ear protection is so important too.


Yes! The cornea lenses and fluids in children’s eyes are much more clearer and more vulnerable than adults’ eyes. This makes them more prone to damage from ultraviolet and other harsh lights.

Children also tend to have more exposure to the sun because they enjoy spending time outside. Because of this, they are more susceptible to sun damage. This damage can lead to cataracts and other eye related issues, including cancer, during later life.

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, look for ones which have a band that will stretch around your baby’s head.

This is because it makes it harder for the baby to pull a pair off and play with it It’s also important that the baby sunglasses are nontoxic because chances are they will be chewed at some stage.

Look for baby sunglasses which meet the AS/NZS 1067:2003 safety standard, give 100% UV protection and carry a Category 3, UV400 rating, like our Baby Banz wrap around sunglasses and earmuffs.


Once again, the answer is yes! Exposure to loud noises including fireworks, machinery, concerts, lawnmowers and sporting events can easily damage young ears. Protective earmuffs are the best solution for this. Specially designed with babies and young children in mind,

Baby Banz Mini Muffs soften noise, but don’t block it completely. With a Class 4 rating, these kid’s protective earmuffs meet the AS/NZS 1270:2002 NZ safety standards. They are super comfy to wear and are adjustable too.

Protecting your child’s hearing starts at birth. As well as preventing hearing loss, you also reduce the chance of behavioural and learning challenges due to exposure to loud noises too. Babies with conditions such as sensory processing disorder find noises painful, and these protective earmuffs can help make them feel more comfortable.

After all, as adults we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes and ear protectors to keep our ears safe. Why shouldn’t we do the same for our babies? Order your baby their own baby sunglasses and ear muffs now!

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