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Are Baby Sleeping Bags Better Than Blankets?

Baby sleeping bags have become incredibly popular with parents worldwide, with many swearing that it is their baby’s sleep sack which helps them sleep better.

But...are they really worth buying, and what’s wrong with ordinary cot sheets and a blanket?

Let’s check it out!

Benefits of Baby Sleeping Bags

Baby sleep bags are basically a wearable blanket. There is a neck opening and two arm holes, sometimes with a zip or domes at the side or bottom to help make it easier to get on and off. They are used instead of a top sheet and blanket in a bassinet, cot or bed. Some of the many benefits which come from using one include:

  • Baby is unable to kick off their blankets, preventing them waking up earlier than their sleep cycle.
  • Your baby stays at a constant temperature throughout the night.
  • Your baby’s face stays clear and free of blankets or sheets.
  • The baby sleeping bag becomes part of the bedtime routine, making life easier for everyone when you are away from home or move to a different bed.
  • A sleep sack still allows your baby to move around the cot and self-settle without you tucking them and their blankets back in.

ErgoPouch Sleep Bags Range Pictured

Should You Use Baby Blankets and Sheets?

Babies have been using sheets and blankets for centuries, with sleeping bags only being a relatively new baby sleep aide. There is actually nothing wrong with using sheets and blankets, although it is recommended that your baby does not use a quilt, duvet or pillow until they are at least a year old.

You can also add or remove some layers depending on the temperature of the nursery.

The downside with baby blankets and sheets is that your baby can kick them off or move them to cover their face. Baby bedding should be made of natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen or bamboo and not acrylic as this can make baby too hot.

Mama Designs Cellular Blanket Pictured

Baby Sleep Bags and SIDS

There has been a lot of talk about how sleep sacks can help reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as they help reduce the risk of baby overheating. However, the small amount of studies and research done has not allowed any definite conclusions as to whether they help reduce the risk of SIDS.

The UK based Infant Sleep Information Source website has some more details about SIDS and sleep sack usage.

What Sort Of Sleeping Bag Should I Buy?

Here at Sleepytot we offer a variety of baby sleep bags for parents to choose from. Firstly, we recommend that your firstly choose one the size which your baby is now, not one for them to grow in to. This is because they are made specifically for babies of a certain age to safely wear and a larger one may cover their face or restrict their movement.

Secondly, choose one dependant on its TOG rating. The TOG rating lets you know how warm the sleeping bag will be, depending on the room temperature. A general guide is:

24 degrees Celsius or more – 0.5 TOG

21 – 23 degrees Celsius – 1 TOG

18 – 20 degrees Celsius – 2.5 TOG

16 – 17 degrees Celsius – 3.5 TOG

We recommend Sleeping Bags that use natural cotton, organic cotton and bamboo or merino / wool because these are very breathable.

Sleeping with natural fibres, can help your baby get a better night’s sleep. Natural fibres disperse moisture from the skin, providing an even warmth and body temperature.

Our bags including ErgoPouch, Love to Dream and Woolbabe sleeping bags are all highly breathable, keeping babies consistently warm without overheating.

Synthetic fillings, such as Polyester do not have the same qualities and can lead to temperature variations throughout the night. They can also trap too much heat, which can be a particular problem for babies with eczema as this will exacerbate the condition.

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Does your baby use a sleeping bag? How have you found it? We’d love to know about your baby’s sleeping experiences and answer any questions you have about baby bedding, so please leave a comment below!

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