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    Zazu - Zoe the Penguin White Noise, Music Box & Night Light

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    Meet Zoe

    Wireless speaker - Play songs and stories

    The wireless speaker allows you to play your child’s favourite music and stories.

    5 pre-programmed melodies

    Heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sound, lounge music and 3 traditional lullabies.


    Zoë’s head is a nightlight, with 2 brightness settings.

    Activates upon crying

    The voice activated sound sensor will switch on sound and or light if your child wakes up.

    Auto shut-off

    Sound and light will automatically shut off after 20 minutes.

    On the Go

    Attach Zoë to your stroller or the carseat to make sure she can soothe your child wherever you go.

    ZAZU playlists

    Feel free to use our carefully selected playlists