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Zazu - Sam the Lamb Sleep Trainer & Night Light

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Color: Blue

Is your child an early bird? Do you wake up at the crack of dawn?

Sam is an expert in sleep therapy and is ready to help you and your child to start the day fit and ready

Sleeping problems with young children are actually quite common, so really you are not the only one to start the day early. Young children don’t have a sense of time like we grown ups have, theirs is completely different: ‘Their day starts when they open their eyes in the morning and ends when they are put to bed’! That simple!!

Sleep trainer Sam can help you explain the grown-up idea of time to your child by showing them in a very easy way when her parents wíll be happy to see them and when they better wait a little longer!

With Sam, your mornings can start later and 6 am might just pass by without even noticing, not to speak about that extra hour in the weekend you’ve been longing for!

Eyes open & close. Sam’s eyes close at bedtime and open in the morning when it is ok to get up. Set at a specific time or by length of nap. 

Colour changing display. The LCD screen changes colour to denote morning or night. 

Analogue and digital time. Easy for children to learn and understand.

Alarm clock. For older children, choose from 3 sounds with adjustable volume. 

Adjustable brightness & auto shut-off. Dimmable night light can stay lit continuously or switch off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

Time to sleep. When it is time to sleep SAM closes his eyes. Clock display changes to red.

Just a little longer. 30 minutes before wake-up time the display turns orange. 12 stars count down.

OK to get up. SAM’s eyes open and the display turns green – it’s OK to get up now!


How do I know if my clock is activated?  

In the top of the LCD screens the activated icons will show. So either the nap time or the wake up time icon, and optionally the alarm time icon.

Sometimes the buttons do not react when I press them. What is wrong?

Probably the key lock has been activated. To unlock press UP & OK at the same time for 1 sec. Note: Key-lock is activated automatically after the buttons have not been touched for 15 seconds. This to prevent the setting to accidentally be changed.

Can I separate the wake-up time from the alarm time?

Yes, when setting the naptime or wake-up time, you can separately set the alarm. So you can set the sound alarm at a later time than the opening of the eyes.

How can I see if the clock is key-locked?

In the top of the LCD screen the key-lock symbol will appear when it is activated.

If I do not want the alarm to sound, do I need to change the volume in settings menu?

No, that is not necessary. When activating the clock, you choose if you want to switch alarm. ON or OFF

What if SAM is just not listening at all?

Try resetting SAM by pushing the button on the bottom of the clock.This will usually make him listen.

If the power is turned off , does the sleep trainer remember its settings?

When the power shuts off, the sleep trainer will not remember its settings unless batteries are inserted. We therefore advise to insert the batteries as back up in case power shuts off.

How long can I use the sleep trainer when using batteries?

When using batteries, make sure you are using good alkaline batteries. Also we advise you to limit the nightlight to 5 minutes and select lowest brightness in the settings menu. Only then batteries will last around 4 weeks with normal use. With other settings the battery life will be decreased significantly.

How can I stop my child from playing with buttons and changing the settings?

The clock will enter key lock mode automatically after 15 seconds. After activating the sleep timer/wake-up time the key-lock is activated straight away, so that the settings cannot be changed anymore. This can also be done manually by pressing up and OK button at the same time.

Is there a demo function to show my child the working of Sam?

Yes there is demo function in the settings menu. This demo will go through the entire bedtime ritual in around 20 seconds.



8 Reviews
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