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    Zazu - Lou Voice Activated Night Light

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    LOU - Super cute nightlight with sound activation!!!

    A compact light that is powered by batteries or mains electricity. Can be left on all night or set to switch off automatically.

    Lights up if your child wakes up

    The voice activated sound sensor will switch on the warm glowing light if your child wakes up in the night.

    Timer with auto shut-off

    Set the timer to automatically switch off once your child has dropped off to sleep.

    2 lights in 1

    Owl and outer ring are two separate lights. Use together for a brighter light or separately for a low glow.

    Adjustable brightness

    Owl and outer ring lights are adjustable: choose bright, soft or ambient light. Easy to check on your children without disturbing them.

    3 Settings;

    • Bright Light
    • Soft Light
    • Ambient Light