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Zazi - Pencil Grip

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Size: 3 Pack
Zazi pencil grips are ergonomically designed for little hands to support them to master the three-point positioning recommended to develop a dynamic tripod grip. They fit little hands and adult hands too, no matter whether you're right or left handed. 

The dynamic tripod grip is considered the best way to hold a pencil or pen because it provides the most amount of pencil control for the least amount of muscle effort, making it easier and faster to write.

When learning to draw, children most often start by holding the pencil in their fist with their wrist off the page. The Zazi pencil grips have special spaces for children to place their thumb and forefinger, with a loop at the back to tuck in their middle finger to wherever feels comfortable. This will support their static tripod grip and set your little one up for a comfortable experience learning to draw and write. 

A few reasons why we love them:

  • Prevents the thumb and index finger from crossing over while holding the pencil
  • Encourages correct tripod grip and prevents writers cramp
  • Free of BPA and phthalates
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • Bacteria and mould resistant
  • Really easy to clean
  • Suitable for children approx 2.5 years and up


How can I make my little one use the pencil holder?
We really can't make our kids do anything! It's all about them exploring things themselves. Set up the pencil grips on a few of your child's coloured pens or pencils and let them take the lead. When they're interested in the pencil holder, you can model how to use it yourself or help them to put their fingers in the little holes. Pro tip: place the pen on the table with the nib pointing their hands. That way when they pick it up it'll flip over into the right position. 

Does it fit onto crayons?
Thick, children's crayons are probably a little big. Our pencil grips are silicone and can stretch to fit to anything around 1cm in diameter or less. Thinner crayons will work fine.

What age can I use the pencil grip?
It totally depends on your child's stage and whether they're even interested in using pens and pencils with you. Never underestimate your child - give it a go if they're showing some interest but you can see they're using a fist-grip.  The last thing we want our kids to do is be deterred from creating, so if they don't want to use a pencil grip and are happy with what they're doing for now - flow with that!

Does it work for left handed children?
Yep totally. 

Can adults use it?
100%!! If you'd like to improve your own pen grip - get some for yourself!

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