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Yogasleep - Duet White Noise Machine with Night Light and Wireless Speaker

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The Yogasleep Duet is designed to help your little one get to sleep faster and stay asleep. So many great features packed into one unit - This multi-sound white noise machine and night light works double-duty as a wireless speaker all in one compact & streamlined device.

Features -
  • 30 sounds options - including white noise, pink noise, brown noise, fan sounds, nature sounds, and 8 lullaby tracks
  • Wireless speaker functionality - stream your favorite sleep soundtrack, podcast, or music from your smartphone directly to the Duet speaker wirelessly
  • Warm night light - it has a soft, dimmable night light in amber tones that soothes rather than disrupts sleep cycles
  • Auto-off timer - run the sound machine all night long or set the auto-off timer with three timer options: 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or 8 hours
  • Sleek design - Sleek and compact unit fits in seamlessly with any bedroom or nursery
  • Easy to operate with a simple and user-friendly interface
  • No batteries! Powered by USB cord. (USB power adapter wall plug not included)
Includes -
  • Yogasleep Duet
  • USB cable
Please note - This unit is not rechargeable. Power adapter plug not included. Please use a good quality adapter to power your Duet sound machine.

Yogasleep has 50+ years of making the best white noise machines for home, baby, and work. Great sleep shouldn't be a luxury - it's the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. White noise is a natural approach to the quality sleep you and your family deserve.
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