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Woolbabe - Duvet Sleeping Suit with Sleeves

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Color: Dune
Dusk Stars
Pebble Stripe
Size: 1 Year

The famous Woolbabe SleepSuit now has sleeves! 

Don’t you wish you could wrap up in a duvet all day? Just because your little person wants to be active it doesn’t mean they can’t be wrapped up cosy at the same time. 

This innovative design still keeps the most-loved properties of the renowned Woolbabe sleeping bags, with their gorgeous 30% merino/70% soft organic cotton blend fabric. This beautifully soft fabric is exclusive to Woolbabe! Ensuring additional warmth and temperature regulation, the quilted filling is merino wool rather than man-made fibres like polyester.   

Just pop a long-sleeve bodysuit underneath to suit a room temperature of 14 to 22 degrees (57-71°F). This will see your little person right from Autumn through till Spring. As our duvet weight has the feel of a thick blanket, it can encourage a better sleep and less wriggling for a lot of children. 

The long turn-up cuff means you can cover little feet on Winter nights or roll them up. This also extends the product life as the cuff won’t be frayed through and it allows for those sudden growth spurts!

The Woolbabe duvet suit has a lovely 100% organic cotton lining, which is soft and smooth against sensitive skin. The merino wool component still provides the qualities which react to changes in body temperature, ensuring a constant body temperature and encouraging everyone to have a good night’s sleep. 

Outer - 30% merino wool, 70% organic cotton (180gsm)
Lining - 100% organic cotton (2 layers @ 120gsm)
Filling - 100% Australian merino wool (180gsm)
Total - 600gsm

Outer - 30% merino wool, 70% organic cotton (180gsm)
Lining - 100% organic cotton (2 layers @ 120gsm)
Filling - 100% Australian merino wool (140gsm)
Total - 560gsm

YKK zip and press snaps - nickle free


Gentle machine or hand wash in cold water or 30°C water using a quality liquid wool wash.
Airing your Woolbabe item daily will reduce how often it needs to be washed.
Do not hot wash
Do not rub, soak or bleach


Hang dry or low tumble dry immediately after washing - Do not leave wet in your machine
Do not hot tumble dry.
Please note some shrinkage may occur with tumble drying. Not all dryers have a low enough temperature setting. Please check your machines specs before choosing this option.

Woolbabe products are made in China, in a small family factory who has worked with Woolbabe for over 10 years.

Sizing Chart:
Shoulder to crotch
Inside leg
6-12 months
48cm 64cm 34cm 72cm 28cm 22cm 27cm Weight 8-10kg, Height 76cm
1 year
54cm 68cm 36cm 76cm 30cm 24cm 28cm Weight 10-12kg, Height 84cm
2 years
61cm 72cm 38cm 80cm 32cm 26cm 28cm Weight 12-15kg, Height 92cm
3 years
67cm 76cm 40cm 84cm 34cm 28cm 29cm Weight 15-17kg, Height 100cm
4 years
74cm 78cm 42cm 86cm 36cm 30cm 29cm Weight 17-18kg, Height
5 years
80cm 80cm 44cm 88cm 38cm 32cm 30cm Weight 19-20kg, Height 115cm

About our sizing 

All Woolbabe Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Suits have underarm snaps for a better fit when you start using a sleeping bag or when between sizes.

These have a different fit to the 3-seasons Sleeping Suits, even though they are the same size and shape. The duvet suits are the same construction as our Woolbabe Duvet bags -  they are quilted with percale cotton inside, which means they are not stretchy.

Should you go up a size? That depends! Some customers like a true to size fit, some prefer a looser low crotch fit and others want to buy bigger so it lasts. Please note these are already a lower crotch style, so the bigger you buy, the lower the crotch and therefore the harder it will be for your child to walk in their suit. You are always welcome to order 2 sizes and try on at home to see what fit you want for your child. Please always try your suit on for size BEFORE WASHING so you can see if you think it is right or if you need to exchange

Height/Length - Our height measurement doesn't include a child's head and neck length. Standing straight with a flat foot measure from the base of the heel up to either the top of the shoulder. You may find it easiest for younger children to stand with their back to a wall to do this. Make a small pencil mark on the wall at either the top of the shoulder or head and ask the child to step away before measuring from the floor up to the pencil mark.
Body length - Measure from the centre back of the neck line to the base of the crotch in a straight line.
Chest - Place tape measure under the arms and measure around the chest at the fullest part until your fingers meet.
Hips - Measure below the waist at the fullest part of the hip bringing the tape measure round until your fingers meet.
Inside leg - With a flat foot, measure from the heel of the foot, up the inside of the leg to the crotch. Inside leg may sometimes be referred to as the inseam.

Please note - Measurements are taken when garments are laid flat. Areas such as chest, hips, armhole, thigh and cuff are calculated at twice the width to get the full measurement.
Fire Safety - This product complies with the Product Safety Standard (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear Having Reduced Fire Hazard) Regulations 2016 and  Safety Standard AS/NZS 1249:2014 (Children's Nightwear and Limited Daywear having Reduced Fire Hazard).  Please see our FAQ for an in depth description.  

1 Review
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