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Whisbear - Whisbird the Portable Soothing Bird

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Whisbird the Soothing Bird 🐦is a unique species of bird. It emits soothing pink noise 💤 that reminds Alfie of the time in his mum’s womb and helps him settle and fall asleep 😴. But when the time comes to play – the rustling wings of the bird will bring him lots of fun and joy 😍

Whisbird the Soothing Bird is a unique cuddly toy with a pink noise device from the Whisbear® collection. Makes falling asleep easier for infants and toddlers. Safely soothes babies crying because of e.g. colic, by emitting sounds resembling the hum they know from the mother’s womb.

How does it work?
For 40 minutes the device produces a calming pink noise. Soft Start/Soft Stop functions gradually increase and decrease the sound volume. You can adjust the volume according to your baby’s needs.

Perfect travel companion
Thanks to the small size and an extra hanging loop, the bird can be easily accommodated in a car seat or on your pram’s handle.

Sensory toy
Rustling wings and contrasting colours make Whisbird a perfect play time companion.

Easy to clean
Just remove the humming device and the bird is ready to be cleaned. Machine washable.

Pink noise is better than white noise
Whisbird the Soothing Bird produces pink noise, which is nicer and gentler than white noise. Pink noise masks other sounds and makes falling asleep easier, while being completely safe to use.

The 3 AAA batteries required to operate the device are not included in your purchase.

Whisbird® dimensions ca.: 19 x 15 x 8 cm
Device dimensions: 7x2,3 cm
Packaging dimensions:  20 x 15 x 7,5 cm

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