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    Moose - Toddler Safety Harness > Cut-Proof

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    Keep your little adventurer safe and secure, right by your side with the New Zealand designed Moose Toddler Safety Harness. This new 'cut-proof' version has the added security of a steel inner core running through the thick plastic coil. 

    Use the Moose Safety Harness in a busy street, car park, shopping mall or airport. Perfect for travelling with little ones; a great help with twins or when you have a toddler and a baby.


    • Safe Freedom: your toddler has freedom of movement and exploration yet they are safely secured right next to your side.
    • Doubly Safe: with a uniquely-designed 'double-velcro' system, the Moose Safety Harness can only be taken off the toddler's wrist using two hands, so your little one really is safe & secure.
    • 1-metre Stretch: with a coil stretch of around 1 metre, the Moose Safety Harness allows your busy toddler to walk next to you but without being able to run in front of a car or into a busy street.
    • Comfort & Quality: using only the very best neoprene fabric, double-stitching and thick, strong 'cut-proof' coil, the Moose Safety Harness provides the ultimate in cool comfort and quality.
    • No Tangle Design: Our unique 360 degree spinning connector ensures no tangles or twists.
    • Cut-Proof Design: designed for peace-of-mind, the cut-proof Moose Safety Harness has a strong steel inner core threaded through the thick plastic coil.


    When can we use our MooseNoose?

    • In a busy street, market, shopping mall or car parking building.
    • In a shopping centre or building with escalators.
    • Travelling overseas and domestically using airports, train stations, bus or underground transport services.
    • At theme parks, shows, festivals, concerts or other large gatherings.
    • With groups of children - preschool, kindergarten, school or special needs groups.
    • When you have a toddler and a baby in the pushchair.