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Viva La Vulva - The Good Witch Hazel

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The Good Witch Hazel is a must-have for every new mama.

A magical potion, used for centuries, Witch Hazel soothes and calms when it feels like everything is on fire down there. It is known for cooling and calming sensitive skin. Not only that, it can also help prevent the spread of bacteria, supports vaginal discomfort and relieves dry itchy skin, Soothes tears after childbirth and is gentle on sensitive areas down there, both anal and perineal


  • Natural Organic Vegan
  • Soothes & cools
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Supports discomfort & itching
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Helps soothe anal and perineal areas


    If you don't use it all, Witch Hazel makes for a refreshing facial toner, perfect after those sleepless nights!


    • Using your Viva La Vulva Peri Wash Bottle, fill with boiled then cooled water. Add 3-5 drops of Witch Hazel and give the bottle a shake. This method is very useful for rinsing after peeing if toilet paper causes discomfort due to tears or stitches.

    • Apply directly to the vaginal area using a small spray bottle.

    • Squeeze 3-5 drops Witch Hazel directly onto a pad evenly spaced. Place pad in the freezer for extra cooling effect before using.

    NATURAL VEGAN ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Aqua, Witch Hazel Tincture, Alcohol, Gluconalactone, Preservative.

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