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Love to Dream - Swaddle Up Transitional Suit 2.5 Tog

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Color: Grey
Size: Large

How cool are these transitional suits from Love to Dream? Just like the 50:50 swaddles, these now come in a winter and autumn tog making your little one cosy all night long.

As soon as your baby starts showing signs of trying to roll, you must transition to “arms-free” sleep.

Making the move from the secure feeling of being swaddled to sleeping with arms free can be upsetting for some babies… & their parents.

The ‘5-in-1’ SWADDLE UP TRANSITION SUIT is a gentle transition solution which helps preserve a baby’s precious sleep routine and is perfect for babies who are ready to transition & love the secure feeling of being swaddled.


  • 2.5 TOG fabric is ideal for moderate climates
  • Easiest transition from swaddle to sleep suit
  • Converts to a snug sleep suit, maintaining the secure feeling of being swaddled
  • Zip-off wings for a gentle transition
  • Specially designed shorter zip-on SELF-SOOTHING sleeves provide swaddling effect while cuffs are folded over
  • Easy transition between play & sleep
  • Feet can be covered for bedtime, uncovered for playtime
  • ‘5-in-1’ solution that can be used as a SWADDLE UP Suit, Transition Suit, Sleep Suit, Play Suit and Travel Suit
  • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
  • No loose layers to kick off during sleep



The suit has been created with a snug fit upper chest and specially designed zip-on SELF-SOOTHING sleeves with fold over cuffs to provide a swaddling effect. 

It also has two ARMS UP zip-off wings, which should remain attached to the suit until your baby is ready to transition. After a few nights of your baby getting used to this, start your baby with both wings detached and both SELF-SOOTHING sleeves zipped on and the cuffs folded over.

Three of your baby settling into this routine, remove the ARMS UP wing and start bedtime off with both SELF-SOOTHING SLEEVES zipped on (cuffs folded over).

Once your baby has settled into a routine, you can open the cuffs for true arms-free sleep. Some babies transition in a few nights, others can take a few weeks.

The SWADDLE UP TRANSITION SUIT with SELF-SOOTHING SLEEVES is especially helpful for any baby who is having a harder time going from being swaddled to arms-free sleep.

Can I use the SWADDLE UP TRANSITION SUIT if my baby has been swaddled with arms down?

Absolutely. The SWADDLE UP TRANSITION SUIT was specially created to help all babies transition to arms-free sleep easily, whether they have been swaddled with arms up or arms down. As a '5-in-1' transition suit, it has been designed to be the most versatile transition suit available today.

Why do the SELF-SOOTHING SLEEVES seem too short? Is this correct?

The SELF-SOOTHING SLEEVES have been specially designed to be slightly short for your baby's arms so that when the cuffs are folded over and they try to straighten their arms completely, they feel the edges of the fabric and can push against it. This provides sensory input and a feeling of safety and comfort while still allowing them to self-soothe safely without scratching their delicate skin.

I already have a SWADDLE UP TRANSITION BAG (previously called SWADDLE UP 50/50) - do the SWADDLE UP TRANSITION SUIT sleeves fit the SWADDLE UP TRANSITION BAG?
Unfortunately they do not. Due to the differences in the ergonomic design of the two products, the sleeves are not interchangeable.

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Fire Safety - This product complies with the Product Safety Standard (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear Having Reduced Fire Hazard) Regulations 2016 and  Safety Standard AS/NZS 1249:2014 (Children's Nightwear and Limited Daywear having Reduced Fire Hazard).  Please see our FAQ for an in depth description.  


3 Reviews
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