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Solar Buddie + SavviSand Bundle Deal

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Color (Solar Buddie): Blue

We have gone ahead and made the ultimate Summer bundle! Save 15% when you purchase both of our top Summer sellers together. What a duo for your beach bag!

Usually $64.95

What's included:

x1 SavviSand Kit (Formula + Applicator)

x1 Solar Buddie of your colour choice. 

The Solar Buddies are the world’s first child-friendly, refillable sunscreen applicators.  Apply sunscreen the easy way, with less mess and no waste. Not just for kids, adults including tradies and sportspeople love it too as no sunscreen gets on your hands.

Your toddler will think this is the best invention since solid food! The Solar Buddies Sun Cream Applicator will make putting on sun cream a fun task before outdoor adventures. It is simple for children to apply on their own, making it ideal for holiday's, day trips, nursery or school. And because it's compact and lightweight, kids can easily carry it around in their a little day packs and school bags. Its reusable, so just top up with your own sunscreen and your ready to go.  The best part is, no messy hands as the sponge distributes the sunscreen evenly over your skin.

SavviSand is the efficient sand remover of wet, scratchy sand from tiny hands and feet.

A high functioning, time-saving, new beach accessory. SavviSand eliminates sand irritation. Containing 100% natural plant and mineral extracts, SavviSand leaves skin smooth and effortlessly sand-free.

With a 100% natural formula, SavviSand also serves as an insect repellent.  Anti-Fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory, it is perfect for children and adults. 

*no discounts apply on this bundle deal 

1 Review
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