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Sleepytot - Silicone Snack Cup

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Color: Dusky Rose
Dusky Rose
Powder Blue

Sleepytot snack cups are super convenient and super portable and they have been created especially for Mums and Dads on the go!

They are collapsible to adjust to any amount of snacks that you wish to place inside for your little one and it also comes with a lid in case your snack is juicy!

It has been designed to keep snacks inside, no matter how hard your little one tries to shake them out. This makes it super-duper convenient when you're driving, out with the stroller or yes may we say it ..... watching the tv!

Made of food grade silicone and stain resistant top shelf dishwasher proof. 100% non toxic and free from BPA, latex, lead, phthalates and other nasties.

FDA certificates and tested to be 100% safe for babies

1 Review
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