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Sleepytots Ultimate Sleep Aid - On It's Own

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Color: White
Dark Wooden Tint
Light Wooden Tint

Diffuser + White / Pink Noise Machine + Nightlight 

It's the ultimate sleep package - Sleeping in Slumberland by Sleepytot. For a healthy home, and a peaceful night's sleep.

White and Pink Noise with 10 different soothing sounds, Diffuser which purifies and humidifies the air, and up to 12 hour of continuous mist.  8 Colour LED lights featuring different brightness settings including the oh so popular red and orange hues which helps stimulate the production of the sleepy hormone 'melatonin'.  

The Ultimate Sleep Aid can help with longer periods of sleep, falling asleep, nightmares, separation anxiety and ADHD.  

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Multifunctional Aromatherapy Device

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multifunctional aromatherapy device. Featuring a 300ml easy to clean water tank, continuous mist lasting up to 12 hours, 8 different LED light colours in different brightness settings. Light can also be switched off.

Pink and White Noise 

We have created a mixture of soothing and natural sounds plus melodies to help lull you or your little ones to sleep. Suitable for newborns to the elderly. Suitable all year round.  10 Soothing sounds including 2 melodies, pink and white noise incorporating natural sounds of waterfalls, rain and waves combined with nature or simply pink and white noise by itself, or that rhythmically mimics your breathing pattern. 

This soothing sound is shown to help calm you, and entice your entire mind and body into a deep sleep.   Glow Dreaming

More Features

  • 8 different LED light colours.
  • 10 different soothing sounds.
  • Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and humidifier.
  • 4 timer options: Continuous or 1 hours, 3 hour, 6 hour modes.
  • Volume Control - allowing you a great range of volume.
  • 12 hours of continuous mist, holds up to 300mls water.

Safety Mode:  Automatic shut off when water runs out, and features an inner safety lid which makes it more difficult for kids to lift off, or for accidentally spills to occur.

BPA free non toxic materials.   

1 x Sleepytot Unit (white top - please choose your base from 3 colours)


Size: Width 152 x Height 159

Weight: 399grams

Power: 13w

Operational Voltage: DC24V / 650mA

Adapter Voltage AC100-24DV50/60HZ

Time Mode ON/1HR/3HR/6HR 



Only use pure essential oils

Do not add water over the MAX line

Clean regularly

Always use the cord that comes with the unit.

 glow dreamer   glow  glow dreaming



24 Reviews
| 4 answered questions