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Sleepytot - Comforter Small, Loophole Hands no Velcro

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Color: Pink

Please read description carefully before purchasing - these little Sleepytots are seconds. They can be used as a comforter or with a dummy chain. 

Our adorable Sleepytot small comforters are back.

Sadly, these ones didn't pass our rigorous inspections and the velcro was too weak to hold dummies for any length of time.

We didn't want them going to land fill as we know how many children still love their small Sleepytots but don't use their pacifier anymore. 

So we have had the paws sewn up so they can be loved and cuddled just as a comforter.

A dummy chain can still fit through the paws if needed however never leave your child  unsupervised whilst using a dummy chain or dummy clip.  

As always comforters should only be introduced to your child from around the age of 6 months plus, and when they are unswaddled and can take things away from their face. 

Please note these will not be remade in this size. Once they are gone, they're gone! 


20 cm H

15.5cm W

5 Reviews
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