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Shop Snooze "Smart" WiFi Sound & Light White Noise Machine

3 Reviews
| 3 answered questions

An amazing white noise machine and nursery nightlight that can be controlled from your phone.

No more creeping in to turn down the volume when you're going to bed for the night!

Noisy toddler or loud noise at the roadside during your little one's nap? Easily crank up the volume to drown out the disturbance, letting your child continue to sleep in peace.

A multitude of different sound options, meaning you will be able to find a sound you like to listen to - especially important if you are room sharing with your baby!

All the colours of the rainbow to choose as a nightlight (although we do recommend red, as it's least likely to disrupt melatonin secretion -read more about this here)

A full range of brightnesses to suit - brighter for nappy changes and dimmer for overnight feeding sessions or dummy runs.

Techy details

  • Suitable for both iOS and Android devices for app controlled changes
  • Touch buttons on the top for adjustment while in the room
  • Comes with a USB-C cable
  • Uses 2.4g WiFi
3 Reviews
| 3 answered questions