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    Moogoo - Scalp Cream 120g

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    Many people, including babies, are troubled by skin that becomes red, dry and sometimes itchy around the scalp, hairline, neck, ears, eye areas, and along the side of the nose and mouth.

    These are oily areas of the skin and sometimes yeast on the skin can become more prevalent and cause irritation.

    This moisturising cream helps return the skin to a healthy condition.

    Like all of our creams it can be used anywhere on the body and doubles a lovely overall moisturiser. For more information about scalp skin conditions click here.

    •  A cream for Cradle Cap in infants, Seborrheic Dermatitis in adults
    • For the symptomatic relief of dry & inflamed skin
    • A lightweight moisturiser that easily sinks into skin
    • Made with natural oils like Coconut & Olive Oil
    • Full of soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera & Allantoin
    • Naturally preserved with Hops Extract – free of Parabens and Phenoxyethanol