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Q Life - Feva Ease Drops

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FevaEase is an effective formula that supports the body's response to changes in temperature and associated discomfort. 

The herbs in this formula are chosen for their ability to balance the change in temperature and calm an overactive or inflammatory reaction during illness, while supporting a strong robust immune response. Fever in all ages is a natural response to illness, but can cause discomfort and restlessness. Offering herbal support eases this process and allows a smoother gentler path to wellness. 

Herbalists throughout time have employed herbal supports to help the fever process. The two actions herbalists are looking for in the case of fever are febrifuges, those herbs that naturally reduce fever such as yarrow, and diaphoretics, those herbs such as lime flowers and elder which help to bring on the sweating process. FevaEase drops employ these herbs and others, and can be given frequently during illness, reducing discomfort and supporting the fever process. Chamomile is a wonderful addition in these drops for its ability to calm agitation and naturally allow a more restful, peaceful period of illness and recovery. 

This formula utilises the potency of herbal remedies in a format that is both easy to administer and safe and palatable for all ages. We design remedies that are easy to use and give effective support to babies, children, pregnant women, and everyone else who needs it.

Feva Ease Benefits:

  • 100% natural herbal ingredients
  • Supports and balances your immune system when fighting high temperature in ills and chills.
  • Calms an overactive or inflammatory reaction.
  • Eases discomfort associated to changes in temperature.
  • Strengthens immune resilence
  • Gentle but effective support for all ages
  • Safe to use from newborn to support the immune response to germs
  • Easy for parents to use

Key Ingredients:

Chamomile: A calming herb that has a cooling effect on the body along with reducing inflammation and promoting sleepiness.

Elder Flower: Induces sweating by working on sweat gland activity, which can help with moving through a fever.

Ginger: Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight off infections, relieve headaches and cool the body temperature.

Lime Flowers: Contain anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which help to decrease temperature.

Peppermint: Relaxes tension in the body and increases circulation, which helps to regulate our body temperature and also speeds healing.

Ingredients: Cayenne, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Elder Flower, Ginger, Lime Flowers, Peppermint, Rehmannia, Sage, Yarrow, Herbal Water.

Directions: Take 2-5 drops every 15 mins up to 6 doses and then every hour as needed. 

Use drops straight in the mouth or pop into a water bottle to sip throughout the day, whatever is easiest.

For littlies: Drops may be given straight into the baby’s mouth, or put on a spoon, in water, in a bottle or on food

Drops can be given at any time, and there are no interactions with other medications to worry about. Easy peasy. Use maximum frequency of dosing when needed for more acute relief, and less often as maintenance or prevention, especially during vulnerable times.

100% natural, herbal remedy suitable from newborn and for all ages

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