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Reusable Unisex Facemask & Cough Catcher, Kids Size

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Size: Kids
Colour: Black

Waterproof and windproof fabric-mask Anti Pollution dust and cough catcher for kids 

Please note this is a single layer mask which is very lightweight. If you are after a more heavier facemask with additional layers then please look at our Lasheen Masks, or Sleepytot masks. 

Reusable, washable, breathable and waterproof

Help keep yourself and your community safe with this reusable, washable face mask that is comfortable, form fitting and a great alternative to disposable masks.

  • Reusable single layer face mask (room for natural filter to be used underneath if needed) 
  • Can help limit exposure to bacteria, germs, pollution and more
  • Filters out dust, smoke and droplets
  • Extra lightweight for added comfort
  • Kids (use ages approx 8 to 12)
  • Unisex design
  • Polyester fibre blend
  • Machine washable design

This face mask is designed to help to protect you against bacteria, germs, dust, and smog and more by helping limit your exposure to potentially harmful substances. Thanks to its reusable design, simply pop it in the washing machine for a quick clean after every use.

For the best protection, do not wear it while it’s damp and make sure the face mask is well fitted and covers your nose and mouth.

A reusable face mask is the sustainable choice, both for the environment and your budget as it helps save you money and reduces your waste output in comparison to single use, disposable masks.

Also available in ADULT sizes.


95% polyester and 5% spandex
Please note No returns  on this product due to health and safety regulations 

1 Review
| 1 answered question