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OOLY® - Toddler Sleep Training Clock

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Meet OOLY, Your Child's Best Sleep Companion!

Say goodbye to bedtime battles and early morning wake-ups with Ooly, the loveable sleep training clock designed to make your child's sleep routine a breeze!

What sets Ooly apart is its intuitive app, ensuring that your child can't tamper with it, and the ease of which parents can change its settings is unparalleled. No tempting buttons for little hands to press means a consistent sleep routine for your child.

Ooly’s light comes in a variety of delightful colours, but for a soothing bedtime and overnight experience, we recommend the warm hues of red or orange. Unlike other sleep trainer clocks that use a disruptive blue glow, Ooly offers a fully dimmable option, even allowing you to turn the light off completely.

Research has shown that blue, white, or green light can hinder the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone, making it less than ideal for your child's sleep. Ooly's thoughtful design prioritises your child's restful sleep.

  • Ooly employs color-based time indications, making it accessible even to younger children who don't grasp the concept of time yet.
  • It's easily rechargeable via Micro-USB, with a battery that lasts 3-10 days, depending on your chosen schedule.
  • Ooly's BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection simplifies schedule setting, and there's no need for constant connectivity.
  • It's not just a sleep trainer clock; Ooly also doubles as a comforting nightlight and a helpful toilet training lantern.
  • Compatible with both iOS (Apple) and Android devices, including phones and tablets.

Each package includes Ooly and a USB charging cable. Plus, we will even send you a PDF guide upon purchase on successfully introducing Ooly ensuring a seamless transition to better sleep for your child.

Make bedtime a fun experience for your child and enjoy more restful nights for yourself with Ooly, your child's trusted sleep companion!

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Stefanie Henry

"When my kids kept calling out asking when the sun would be up so they could get out of bed I knew there had to be a better option.
Since getting our Oolys our mornings are more calm as the kids know when they can have quiet time before getting out of bed for the day. We’ve even had better overnight sleep due to the no blue light feature.
I love how we can personalise different colours for different times during the days to mean different things.
Ooly is a big hit in our house!"

Emma Popping
Game changer

"We got Ooly when our 2 year old was having real trouble with naptimes and going to bed. It's easy to set and easy for her to understand - it's virtually eliminated the exhausting negotiations around what time it is. And now that daylight savings has ended, it's been helpful to remind her to stay in bed till Ooly turns green. It's kid and parent friendly and robust enough to handle the odd knock. An immensely useful tool for any parent of toddlers.


5 Reviews
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