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NUK - Welcome Set

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A perfect newborn gift

As the saying goes: to be prepared is half the victory.
That is also true for expectant parents who await the arrival of their little miracle full of anticipation. So that they can reassuredly welcome their little offspring home, a few prior purchases are required.

That is why NUK has put together a Welcome Set with seven selected, practical products for baby’s everyday routine in a beautiful little bag. And just in case the parents may not have already thought about it, the eight-part set also makes a wonderful present from friends or relatives.

Nuk Genius "My First Nuk " Soother
When choosing a soother for their baby, many parents put their trust in the Nuk Genius. It satisfies a baby’s innate need to suck and is both calming and comforting. When babies actively suck on their soother, this helps to give important exercise to the mouth and jaw muscles and promotes healthy oral development. Its Nuk Shape was developed together with medical experts and is continually undergoing further optimisation. So, we have been able to improve the Nuk Shape that is right for the jaw and make the Nuk Genius Soother even kinder to teeth: The extra-flat baglet offers the tongue more space, enabling natural sucking movements. The teat neck of the Nuk Genius is even thinner and narrower to reduce pressure on the jaws and teeth.
Hygienic safekeeping is ensured for the little “training device” by the transparent Nuk  Soother Box.

Nuk Baby Brush
The Nuk Baby Brush offers optimal hygiene as it can be washed at 60°. Its soft nylon bristles are extra soft so they are the best way to care for and massage your baby’s sensitive scalp.  The handle is shaped to be held securely and in the fashion colour of light grey colour it has a modern, up-to-date look.

Nuk Baby Nail Scissors
Nuk Baby Nail Scissors offer the greatest safety for little hands: they make baby nail care so simple and cut gently and accurately. They have blades made of stainless steel and their rounded tips make them extra safe. A non-slip, soft material covers the handles and, for safe storage, the scissors have a protective cap made of synthetic material.

Nuk Cool Teether Set
The Nuk Cool Teether Set helps your baby in two ways: the “Classic” massage ring massages the roof of the mouth and the gums, while the “Cool” teething ring, which contains no liquid, cools any painful spots. The ergonomic shape of the ring means that your baby can reach all areas of the jaw easily. Chewing on the teething ring also stimulates the flow of saliva and helps prevent tooth decay. Not only do the soft studs of the surface make children want to touch the teething ring, they also want to play with it by snapping it together.

Nuk Brush-and-Bite Teething Trainer and Nuk Brushing Trainer
The Nuk Brush-and-Bite Teething Trainer and NUK Brushing Trainer are ideal for introducing your child to teeth cleaning step-by-step. The Brush-and-Bite Teething Trainer gently massages specific areas of the gums and the roof of the mouth and helps to relieve the pressure from teething. The soft, bite-resistant rubber tips of the Brushing Trainer gently clean the first visible, little teeth. Your child learns the right movement for cleaning teeth at the same time. Both have non-slip safety handles. The protective ring prevents either trainer being put too far into your child’s mouth. It can also be used as a stand.

Nuk Bag
The Nuk Bag, with its modern and trendy star pattern, is kept neutral by being in the colours of white, grey and mint green. It has room for other things that parents can need for their child when out and about. The bag is made of Oeko-Tex tested, washable materials (hand wash) and produced to a high, quality standard, so that both parents and child will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

The Nuk Welcome Set – the perfect, first basic set for newborns.

Included in the set

  • 1x Nuk Genius "My First Nuk " silicone pacifier 0-6 months and for hygienic storage 1x Nuk pacifier box
  • 1x Nuk baby brush for gentle hair care
  • 1x Nuk baby nail scissors (including protective cap) for the nail care of babies
  • 1x Nuk Cooling Ring Set, with Massagering "Classic" and Teething Ring "Cool" (from 3 months)
  • 1x Nuk Toothbrush and 1 x Nuk Learning Pen, including protective ring (from 6 months)
1 Review
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