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NUK - Breast Pads

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Size: 24 Pads Ultra Dry

Gives peace of mind and feels caressingly soft on the skin.

Because you deserve the best. You give your precious breast milk to your baby. That’s why we give you our best breast pad ever. So you can be sure that not a drop of milk ends up on your clothes. You will hardly feel it because it is very delicate on your skin. And, of course, you can be sure that it won’t slip.

Ultra Dry Features:

• Extremely absorbent: special lining with extra-long moisture retention ensures maximum dryness
• Kind to your skin: breathable outer layer allows air to circulate
• Snug fit: contoured, extra-wide pads fit the breast perfectly and don’t show
• Gentle: the super-soft lining won’t stick to your skin
• Secure: the NUK adhesive strips keep the pads securely in place
• Particularly hygienic: individually wrapped
• Practical: Box of 60 or 24 perforated for easy re-sealing

 High Performance Features:

  • Strong absorbency: +40% more absorbent* due to the instantly absorbent fleece
  • Breathable, skin-friendly and silky soft
  • Perfect body fit thanks to 3D shape, it gently fits around your breast
  • No slipping: two large adhesive strips ensure they stay in place in your bra
  • Hygienically individually packed in a crackle-free fleece bag
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